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How to Get Prepared For the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal

Trekking the Annapurna circuit can be an astonishing experience with the advantage of presenting to the magnificence of nature and in the meantime functioning admirably in helping you loosen up from y


Markets are on a rise. A large number of products are shipped from one place to another. China is one of most populated countries and a hub of financial centers in terms of growth and economy. It is a

Cuba’s Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a location designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having special cultural or physical significance. There are cu

Cuban Island Casa Particular

In Cuba, an island casa particular is a private home that rents out rooms to travellers.  It’s like a hostel or Airbnb in other countries.The host family provides you with a room and takes care

Things to do before you leave for holiday

When you are going on holidays, the plan is to have fun and just relax and enjoy. For some this will mean lounging by swimming pools in five star hotels and for others it will mean days at the beach.

Nepal Trekking Tour - Your Holiday Destination

Nepal, the place that is known for Mt. Everest toward the north and the sacrosanct place that is known for Lord Buddha toward the south, is itself a paradise, a focal point of fascination for every

Royal Enfield love

The Joy that I feel when I ride on a straight stretch of road on my Royal Enfield is unparalleled with any other moment, enjoying the sunrise. The Thrill when I ride in pitch darkness on empty roads w

Moments With My Harley!

Some Undefined Moments of My Rides The Joy that I get when I ride on a straight stretch of road, enjoying the sunrise or sunset. The Thrill that I get when I ride in pitch darkness on empty roads whe

Bike love

Bro code is the way male friends abide by. There are a few quotes that will remind you of your bro best friend: Do no harm, Take no shit  Ride Together, Die together  Big Brother Bro Code

The King Life

Prithvi Raj III was a king of the Hindu Chauhan dynasty of India. Ruled the kingdom of Ajmer and Delhi after succeeding to the throne at the young age and ruled much of present-day Rajasthan and


Paris-the city of love. Everyone has to and must visit Paris to get a refreshed life. And the best part about it is the Eiffel Tower.The tower is painted in three shades: lighter at the top, getting p

"Goa Zenscrawl"

Captivated by the colour, culture and craziness of India – there is so much to see, do, experience and learn here that it would take a lifetime to see it all. Goa just called to me and felt like hom