1.5 to 2.5GHz 3dB 90deg Hybrid Coupler

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50 Ohm 3dB 90deg Hybrid Coupler from 1.5 to 2.5GHz Rated at 50 Watts;

2.5GHz, SMA-Female Hybrid Coupler;
Ultra Broadband, Multi-Octave;
Phase Balance 4deg, Amp. Balance 0.7dB;
Operating Temperature: -40 to +70℃.

Freq. Range : 1.5-2.5GHz
Impedance : 50Ω
Nom. Degree  : 90deg
VSWR : Max.1.2
Insertion Loss : Max.0.2dB
Amp. Bal. : Max.0.7dB
Phase Bal. : Max.4dB
Isolation : Max.22dB
CW Power : Max. 50W
Peak Power : Max. 0.5KW
Operating Temp. : -40 to +70℃
Surface : Paint Black

EXincludes Couplig loss insertion loss;
Stainless Steel Input and Output Connectors