A comprehensive guide for your smartphone case

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  In fact, the cell phone is an indispensable
accessory in your daily life. You will carry it to everywhere. No matter how
pretty your new phone is, you need to put a cover on it for the safety. If you
drop the smartphone, it will cost you a huge amount of money. While a good
phone case can safeguard your life partner, it is a sensible investment. In
this article, you will learn about the different types of cell phone cases and
whether should you buy a phone case or not? I hope you will grasp the most comprehensive
guide for your mobile device when you finished this article. Please read it
carefully and master the main points.


  Let’s start with a very simple question we
might often wonder. “Do I even need a cell phone case”? You’d think that the
answer would be a resounding “YES”! If your phone doesn’t have a case, you risk
subjecting your phone to bumps and bruises. 
A lot of phones don’t have the best backs for gripping. It’s almost as
if they’re designed to be slippery so you have to buy more products to protect
them! (The vicious cycle of consumer goods).


  We, of course, ultimately recommend that you
invest in a cell phone case! And when going down that road, it’s important to
ask yourself what type of cell phone case you actually need. Do you need something
simple and light? Do you drop your cell phone often? Do you do a lot of deep
sea diving? What type of phone do you have? Obviously, a Galaxy case is going
to differ from an iPhone case. They vary in size and style (including button
and camera lens placement). Today there are so many choices for cell phone
cases: bumpers, skins, shells, pouches/sleeves, and body films, flip cases,


This should not be a
surprise to anyone as shock absorbing technology is one of the catalysts of
ensuring that cases protect smartphones. For anyone who is unaware, shock
absorbers are designed to convert the kinetic energy that comes from a shock
into another form of energy. The new energy then dissipates into nothing. Thus,
your phone can survive multiple-feet drops. Without this technology, these types
of cases are oftentimes deemed pointless.


  Rectangular, wraps around the border of the
iPhone protecting the corners of the phone. 
Rubber made to create a “Bounce-like” protection for the most targeted
damaged areas when a phone is dropped. This one is simple and affordable. The
second one, more of a vinyl, flexible, peal-able film that doesn’t provide much
protection but has a ton of unique designs to decorate the exterior of your
phone. Constructed of silicone and considered a “soft-fitted case. These fall
under a similar category of “faceplates”. However, as a result of the
flexibility of the silicone, they’re known for absorbing shock much better than
the harder cases. This one is flexible and shockproof. The third one, this case
fully encloses the cell phone (back & sides) Dings and scratches on the
back of your phone are a thing of the past with the shell case. It’s always
recommended to get a shell case that crosses over a bit to the front of the
phone, that way you’re not as susceptible to screen damage when you place a
phone face down. These cases are also referred to as the “Snap-on” cases and
don’t run too expensive. The shell cases are good at keeping all the features
on your phone available for quick and easy use. This one allows your phone
function normal as the bare phone. Next, A flip case looks just like a wallet.
In fact, it can even go so far as to replace a wallet completely. Provides great
protection for your phone, however, can be bulkier than you would like. It’s a
useful accessory, especially the ones that come with sections for your
cards/cash/ID. This case is great and stylish but can run a little more
expensive than other cases. Let’s say someone “accidentally/on purpose” throws
you in the pool. Or you’re so hot and sweaty that can’t wait to get in the
water so you just run in without much thought about what’s in your pocket.
Throw caution to the wind! It’s not the end of the world if your cell phone is
in your pocket when you are doused in liquid if it’s wearing a waterproof case.
It’s a hard plastic design with bumpers all around to create a water-seal,
air-tight caulk.


  Actually, I’d like to recommend a
cost-efficient phone case. It is perfectly suitable for your high-end iPhone 7
/ 7 Plus. This one is
electroplated phone case for your
iPhone 7/ 7 Plus
Electroplated case features with metallic luster, which is not bulky, very
lightweight. More importantly, it does not affect the signal at all. This
extreme slim protector is made of high-premium materials. This phone case can
keep high touch sensitivity. When you are choosing a case for your cell phone,
again keep in mind that cellphones come in all shapes and sizes. In fact,
you’re paying so much for your cell phone, why not spend a few extra dollars to
give it the protection it deserves. Protect your assets.


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