A Quick Buying Guide For Anti-Pollution Face Masks

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The air pollution levels across the world have constantly been hitting alarming levels and it’s a common knowledge for all of us now. It is something people all through the world have unwillingly accepted; praying for miracles which can bring the drastic pollution levels to a standstill. In such case, Anti Pollution Face Masks have emerged to be the prime rescuer for human beings.

Instead of only an implement to prevent contaminated air; Anti Pollution Masks have become a trendy fashion statement in current days. Every time you step outdoors, wearing a face mask to play down the ill-effects of the polluted air has become indispensable. In the current scenario, where these masks have become a necessity in some major cities and countries globally; constant and creative endeavors of some firms to make these masks more appealing and attractive have set a new fashion trend.

Style Statement For Anti Pollution Masks

There are various kinds of Anti Pollution Face Masks readily available in the current market and are capable of serving multiple purposes. From complementing your personality and personal style to properly protect you from the ill-effects of air pollutants; these fashionable masks are globally accepted as a new fashion statement. Available in multiple bright and eye-catching colours; such masks also come in a range of styles and design and are delivering wow-factors to the fashion-conscious individuals. You can choose these masks according to your needs, style, personal choice, and budget.

Types of Anti Pollution Masks

Face masks which are so popular across the world, especially in highly polluted cities and countries needn’t be boring and dreary. There are various fashion-forward masks you can buy for pollution prevention! There are two basic kinds of designer Anti Pollution Masks available in the current market i.e.

1. Single Regulator Masks

2. Double Regulator Masks

Single regulator masks are suitable for regular use, while the use of double regulator masks is usually recommended while conducting any outdoor activities that hoist breathing and heartbeat-like cycling and running. In addition, you also can buy reusable masks and replacements for long-term usage.

Consideration Factors

Not all anti-pollution masks are effective to fight off the tiny pollutant particles. Here’s what one should keep in mind before buying pollution masks.

• N95, N99 or P100 rating

• EN 149 FFP2 or FFP3 rating

• Perfect fit with no gaps

• Mask’s material

• Mask must be well-ventilated

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