Air Filter in Pakistan

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A lot of people at cosmo car parts ask us why is it important to replace a dirty air filter ? The answer to this question is plain and simple . Air filter is a part which is not an expensive one but its importance to change it on time is vital . When a car burns a gallon of gas it requires 10,000 gallons of purified dust and contamination free of air . The air that is needed by the engine should be cleansed and purified before it enters the engine . Every car engine requires a mixture of fuel( petrol and diesel ) and air(oxygen) to mix properly in a specific ratio to burn properly and provide the energy needed to power the engine .

When in a dirty air filter the air is not clean and purified and the dirt particles can enter the engine and they rubs against the metal parts and cause them to wear away earlier and decreases engine life and thus cause functional and drivability issues . Air filter catches the dust and other contaminated particles and help cleanse and purify the air which is of vital importance for your engine life and performance . The engine needs a certain ratio of air and fuel to mix properly to power the engine .When you use the dirty air filter the engine is starved of air which puts an increase stress on engine which to rich mixture ( high fuel low air ) .

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