All you need to know about Canadian Super Visa insurance

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If you would like to gather further information about Super Visa and all the requirements for you to be able to apply for it, get in touch with one of the Super Visa Insurance Surrey counsellors who will help you arrange your insurance in order for you to be able to apply for the Super Visa itself. But let’s briefly tell you about the Super Visa and of the key requirements, including the Super Visa Insurance. Group Benefit Delta

What is a Super Visa?

This is a specific sort of visa which only exists for gaining entry in Canada. Its whole name is Parent and Grandparent Super Visa and its name basically explains it to you who can apply for it. By itself this visa is a temporary resident permit issued for the relatives of those who are either Canadian citizens or those who hold a resident permit for permanently living and working in the country. The validity of a Super Visa is two years per visit, altogether, if the relative does not plan to leave the country, it lasts up to ten years.

What are the conditions of applying for Super Visa?

Applicants must meet several conditions in order to be considered eligible for visa application and these include the following:

  • They must be considered admissible to Canada – providing that there are no reasons for inadmissibility (clean criminal record, no evidence of any illegal activity and also be fit and healthy enough to travel and live in Canada among several other reasons)
  • Letter of financial support from the sibling or grandchild who they plan to live with. The person living in Canada must prove that their income is above the minimum specified amount for being able to host his or her relative in the country for a longer time. To make this easier the whole close family (spouse, common-law partner) counts as close family member.
  • Canadian medical insurance – purchased from a Canadian insurance company with a validity of a year as minimum. The medical insurance must provide a full coverage for healthcare, hospitalization and also repatriation. The minimum coverage of the health insurance be equal or above CAD 100.000 and must be valid even if the holder travels out then back in Canada in case applicant requires to travel in the near future. The applicant will need to provide his or her biometric information (fingerprint and photo) and undergo a detailed medical check in order to be considered eligible for the travel insurance.

Luckily Canadian Super Visa Insurance Langley will be able to assist you or your relative with all the steps and helping them to fulfil all the key requirements in order to make the application process as easy as possible for them. They will also help you with all the up-to-date immigration laws and guide you step by step with the whole process.

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