Are You Suffering from spinal disk problem?

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Unless you have already suffered from serious problems with the disk, it may be hard to understand the kind of excruciating pain that comes with spinal disc problems. Most often the pain is so severe that it may make a person immobile for days. This is because any little movement of the body leads to simply unbearable pain. Fortunately for those who have this problem, the pain they feel should be enough to let them know they need to seek expert help.

The good news is that if noticed early, spinal disk problems can be corrected without any extensive procedures involved. In this article we try to give an overview of what spinal disks are the different problems that can occur with the spinal disk and looking at treatment provided by best New York Spine Specialist.

What is spinal disk?

The spinal disks basically are the rubbery pads that lay between vertebrae. The vertebrae are the special bones which make up what we call as spinal column.  Disks are circular in nature with a diameter of one inch and a thickness of about one quarter of an inch. They are made up of the annulous fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus. Annulous fibrousus is the outer membrane while nucleus pulposus is the elastic core.

The spinal disks are placed firmly between the vertebrae. They are held in by the ligaments which are also connected to spinal bones. Based on the position where the disc is found and the surrounding muscles, it is impossible for the disc is to move. The disks are commonly referred to as shock absorbers and the image that this brings to mind is a pair of flexible muscle. However, this is very far from the truth especially with respect to adult disks that are a pair of hardened Spine And Pain muscles.

Spinal disk problems

The spinal disk may swell under stress. This occurs as a result of the inner nucleus pulposus swelling into the annulous fibrousus. If you found any initial symptoms you should consult with Pain And Spine Specialists. The inner disk may protrude into the outer part in places. This may result in the disc pushing against the spine and its associated nerve endings. Doctor For Spine Problems is the only solution to stay away from harsh pain. Extreme pain results if the disc finally pushes into the spine and its nerve endings. Where nerves are involved, this may result in pain on the leg or the arm. Most of such injuries that affect the back are in the lower back region. It is important to note that all problems with the disk will result in pain and Spine Dr Near Me can be best option to solve your problems. Sometimes, the disk does not touch on nerve endings and as such there is no pain.

There are various treatments for spinal disks problems provided by Spine Doctor Nyc. These range from over the counter products, cortisone injections, narcotics, physiotherapy and in the worst case scenario surgery.