At Some Point A Craving Becomes An Obsessive Disorder

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Tobacco and alcohol can both become highly addictive but governments only pretend to care, as the taxes they collect on both keeps the economy afloat.

Instead of just banning tobacco, taxes just rise every year ensuring that there may be fewer smokers year on year but the same amount of revenue is collected.

Maybe that’s a slightly cynical way to look at it but many people have come to the same conclusion. It’s all got a bit confusing these days with the introduction of e cigs and vaping. And now to add to the confusion is something called IQOS.

That last one is the very latest and can often be confused with vaping. But they are not the same thing at all. Unlike vaping that was invented by a research scientist looking for a way to gradually get off the weed with flavoured less harmful tobacco by-products, this still involves tobacco.

The difference is that IQOS still heats tobacco at around half the temperature of normal cigarettes and does not ignite the tobacco.

We’re only just getting used to the vaping aromas and the fact that ongoing research as well as logic, suggests it is far less harmful than cigarettes.

 I went to my local vape shop Victoria where the subject of IQOS was a hot topic of debate. It’s also become part of a political problem involving the health service and other various concerned organisations.

This is because the cigarette conglomerate that is promoting the product, has printed and distributed many tens of thousands of posters clearly designed for shopkeepers such as newsagents, to advertise this new device.

The powerful cigarette manufacturer believes that although there is a ban on the old tobacco smoking, this new device is not covered by the same rules.

Even vaping is a controversial and banned pastime in many countries around the world. These same countries are happy for people to smoke tobacco products despite the clear fact that it’s not the burning leaf and intake of nicotine that is the health problem, but it’s the hundreds of carcinogenic extras included.

Just when we thought that vaping was a healthier way to get that nicotine fix, to many people this new tobacco product seems just a backward step.

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