Best sup for surfing

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the best SUP for surfing is a very individual thing. Some people like long
boards, some like short boards, some like low volume, and some like high and
then there’s the board weight factor. Finding the best SUP for surfing can be a
very technical challenge. The first step in working out which SUP is the best
SUP for surfing for your needs, is to sit down and really think hard about
where your SUP surfing is at. You need to be realistic with yourself and accept
your competency level and choose a board that really suits where you’re at.
This will help your progression greatly. What I mean by this is that if you
fool yourself into thinking you’re a lot better than you actually are (and we
all do this from time to time) you will have a tendency to rush out and
purchase a SUP that is too small for you and is actually designed for a surfer
who is a lot more advanced. By rushing out and purchasing a board that is not
the best SUP for surfing for your own personal needs, you will just slow down
your progression which can create a lot of frustration. There is a guy at
Pressure System Paddleboards in Merimbula who I would highly recommend, if you
need some assistance. Steve is the SUP guru on the far south coast and loves
all aspects of stand up paddle. If you need help finding the
best SUP for surfing, Steve is the man! Pressure System
Paddleboards stock a wide range of high-quality stand up paddleboards and
accessories and their customer service can only be summed up with one word,
perfection! Pressure System Paddleboards even offer a try before you buy
service. All you need to do is call Steve from Pressure System Paddleboards to
arrange a time and he will meet you at a local surf break with whichever SUP’s
you would like to try! Now that’s the way to find your best SUP for surfing!
So, if you are searching around trying to find the best SUP for surfing, you
need to call Pressure System Paddleboards. They make SUP selection easy. Call

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