Buy Bitcoins via PayPal?

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How can I buy Bitcoins via PayPal? We have been able to answer this question several times in recent months. The problem is that anyone searching for answers on the Internet finds different statements, most of which are simply not true or transparent.
Buy Bitcoins via PayPal?
Here are some facts:
  • Buy Bitcoins directly via PayPal is not possible as a German
  • With Bitcoin values (whether rising or falling courses) is also possible with PayPal for German
  • Detours from which we advise against
  • The causes lie in the regulation as well as the high costs that PayPal brings to the stock markets
  • There are extremely many false information on the net
  • There are eWallet alternatives
  • We recommend the good old credit card
  • We want to provide clarity and work on the points with you.
Buying bitcoins directly is not possible
Yes, that’s the bad news. There is currently no stock exchange where you could deposit as a German with PayPal to buy bitcoins. “There is the possibility to sell bitcoins directly to a PayPal account, but no way to buy them” – says Cloudminigworld. The causes are not 100% clear, but the high cost of PayPal deposits is one of them. It is not worth the expense for the exchanges here. The second reason is that PayPal is very picky about what types of deals they allow deposits because they have to answer to US courts in an emergency.

How can I still set values on Bitcoin and pay with PayPal?
THIS variant goes and is the only really serious. With the usual trading platforms, which used to stand out above all through binary options, one can easily and seriously bet on rising or falling prices of cryptocurrencies. If you really care about the PayPal theme, then the selection will be smaller. Serious and reliable is eToro, which has become famous for its social trading.
Here you can deposit as a German with PayPal and then trade crypto currencies. Currently, eToro offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. These are the most important cryptocoins at the moment, but of course there are countless others here. We emphasize once again: this is not a classic buying of currencies, as you are simply trading the prices. The advantage: you can bet on rising OR falling courses very easily. This is the overview (click on the picture to get to eToro).
Etoro cryptocurrencies trade
Many false information on the net
Unfortunately, we noticed that the topic Bitcoin and PayPal in the combination arouses too much greed. We’ve seen a lot of unbelievably wrong information on the net, so that the visitors sign up first and you collect commission. 
If you really care about eWallets like PayPal, then the gambling industry has developed alternatives that really work great. Both Skrill and Neteller work like PayPal, so you pay by email. In both cases, almost all trading platforms such as AvaTrade or IQoptions are available with barely existing fees. Both options also offer prepaid credit cards that are tied directly to the account.
This is not a statement that they are better than PayPal, but they have both been active for many years and they are serious. Here you should not be fooled by the fact that both were “invented” in the gambling world. In our case, this even has advantages, as it ensures that the methods are fast, reliable and safe from cyberattacks. Remember: PayPal casinos are not uncommon and yet there are these two payment methods and they are popular. There are reasons for that.
Credit cards are the best solution
Yes, it rocks us, but credit cards are actually the best solution for all sides. Of course, we also want a world that is even more modern and transparent, but until then, we recommend using good credit cards. Good credit cards? There is a suitable credit card for each of us, with which one can settle his payments AND join the matching bonus program. Frequent travelers like some of you we suggest American Express cards. Anyone who flies above all Lufthansa has with the Miles and More a very good credit card, etc. We can each a serious credit card comparison and heart.
In no case buy by detours
This is our personal opinion, but detours such as VirWoX are something we do not recommend. The reasons are many:
  • Often legally unclean solutions
  • Associated with VERY high costs. The VirWoX detour leads, for example, to 10% costs. It would be crazy to guess that.
  • Many websites recommend the detour solely because of the “waving” commission and not really, because it makes sense.