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Wines and beers are the two most popular beverages round the globe. Wine
is generally made by fermenting grapes without adding sugars, enzymes,
acids or water. It is produced with the help of different types of
grapes which gets converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide by the
action of yeast. Wines are also made by fermentation of other cereals
and fruits such as plums, cherries, pomegranate and pears. Thus, wine is
one of the widely accepted beverages as it comes in a variety of
flavors. Moreover, because of the chemical process and fermentation of
various fruits and cereals, wine also possesses a captivating aroma.
Moderate consumption of Craft Beer Lethbridge is beneficial for health.

Some of the advantages of drinking wine in moderate amount are:

· Decreases the risk of depression: Drinking five to seven
glasses of wine every week can reduce the chance of depression. So, you
can get rid of depression and melancholy to a great extent even in the
case of heavy workload or problematic relationship by consuming a glass
of wine per day.

· Prevents Colon Cancer: Red wine is effective in reducing the risk of colon cancers and bowel tumors upto 50%.

· Makes your skin younger and glowing: According to a research,
red wine possesses various anti-ageing properties. Wines made with
blueberries, nuts and cranberries are good source of resveratrol which
helps in slowing down the ageing process

· Reduces the risk of cataract: Wine also helps in lowering the chances of cataract.

· It also lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke: Possibility of blood clots greatly lowers in people who consume little amount of wine.

· It promotes longevity: Wine can also increase the mortality rate if consumed in limited amount.

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