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You’ll never do with banana in the same manner again after knowing the many advantages and things to include them to your diet. Bananas battle depression symptoms make you smarter; treat hangovers, decrease morning sickness, kidney cancer, diabetes, poor bone fragments and loss of vision. They can heal the itching of a mosquito bite and put a huge shine on your shoes.

Below are causing to eat a banana;

Don’t think bananas are just for monkeys,

·    Bananas help get over depression.
·    Eat at least two bananas before an extreme exercise to package an energy impact and maintain your blood sugar.
·     Protect against muscle pains during workouts and evening hours leg pains by consuming a banana.
·    Counteract calcium reduction during urinating and make strong bones by adding with a banana.
·     Improve your feelings and decrease PMS symptoms by eating a banana, which manages blood sugars and develops stress-relieving relaxation.
·     Bananas decrease infection, prevent type II diabetes, aid weight-loss, enhance the neurological system, and the help of the production of white blood tissues, all because of high levels of vitamin B6.
·     Make stronger your blood and reduce anemia with the extra iron from bananas.
·     Low in salt and high in potassium, bananas are officially accepted by the FDA as being able to lower hypertension and prevent heart-related diseases.

Bananas Help Digestion

·    Bananas perform as a prebiotic, exciting the growth of friendly harmful bacteria in the bowel. They also produce minerals to assist in taking in nutritional value.
·    Constipated? As containing fiber in bananas can help to normalize bowel mobility.
·    Got the runs? Bananas are relaxing to the digestion system and help recover lost water after diarrhea.
·    Banana is a natural type of antacid, giving relief from symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD.
·     Bananas are the only raw fruit that can be absorbed without problems to reduce stomach problems by covering the coating of the abdomen against corrosive acids.

Organic Treatments from a Simple Banana

·    Banana helps to stop kidney cancer, defends the eyes against macular damage and develops strong bones by increasing calcium consumption.
·    If you want to become cleverer then eat a banana and it helps with understanding by making you more attentive.
·    The great anti-oxidants in the banana, providing protection from toxins and serious disease.
·    Eating bananas between foods allow strengthen blood sugar and reduce nausea or vomiting from morning illness.
·    Rub a bug chew or hives with the within of the bananas remove to reduce itching and discomfort.
·    Control glucose levels and avoid excessive between foods by taking a banana.
·    Also, it helps to lower the temperature of the body as well as cool you in a fever or else on a hot weather.
·    The natural mood-improver tryptophan allows reducing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
·         Assists for stopping smoking – Bananas contain excellent levels of vitamin-B, potassium, and magnesium, which assist the body cope to deal from the effects of such a problem. Read more about, how smoking affects the health of a person
·    Clean the leather bags or shoes with the banana for instant shine.

Also, you may include banana in your snacks and smoothies.