Children were given reflective vests

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It often seems that when they see, they are also seen. Meanwhile, the driver sees a man without glare from a distance of up to 30 meters. Babies from Barbie’s school will be safer on the road; they will receive a reflective vest from the commune.

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Many drivers remember the situation when driving at night had to brake violently because it was too late to notice the pedestrian. “Reflections are sometimes a matter of life or death,” admits the mayor of the commune of Nadia Anna Ischia, who gave the pupils from the Preschool-School Team from Babes vests with reflectors. This is another facility which, during a special meeting with the police and fire brigade, has received from the Commune those safety level gadgets.

– Waistcoats are necessary as it is dark! – says little Robert. – I will definitely use it! As I will run with my mother in the evening, I will bet it will be – says Crazy.

Baric students on road safety, but not only, are educated properly each day. It is the subject of education and prevention programs implemented in school. “We spend a great deal of time on promoting safety, health and active lifestyles,” says Hanna Kowalski, Head of Barbie’s School and Pre-School Team.

The police insist that reflections outside the built-up areas or villages are extremely necessary. “Not all the streets are well lit, and even if the lighting is, then the person in dark clothes is not well visible,” the police said.

Recall that from 1 September pedestrians are required to wear reflectors outside the built-up area. The new law is supposed to reduce the number of people dying in the dark under the wheels of cars. New regulations can significantly improve road safety, especially in municipal and county roads. They are often unlit and with narrow ridges. Most often there is a deduction, even fatal.

During a meeting in Babine, the police reminded the children of the basic safety rules on the road and not only. Firefighters in reflective uniform from the TSO from Nizhniy presented the little firefighters.