Cool Facts About Shrimp

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  1. They are
    an important part of our ecosystem. They eliminate several harmful parasitic
    elements from the ocean by doing a little dance of their own. They wave their
    antennae and attract parasites thus acting as cleaners by saving several fishes
    from danger.

  2. Indo-Pacific variants of shrimp and corals are found together; they dine on the host’s mucus and protect them from predators.

  3. They
    are louder than you think. A Snapping shrimp produces sound louder sounds than
    any other marine animals. Their snapping claws bring about noises that are
    decibels greater than a gunshot or jet engine. Navy submarines sometimes hide
    in beds of snapping shrimp to disguise their location from sonar detection.

  4. They are strong: Harlequin shrimp, from the Pacific and Indian oceans, use their flat, oversize claws to sever arms from sea stars for food.

  5. They sure know how to reproduce: Most shrimps reproduce during summer while some species reproduce all the year around. Shrimps are breeding machines; their eggs hatch pretty fast and within hours, females can be seen carrying a new batch of fertilized embryos.

  6. Shrimp aren’t always as small as we think them to be. While small shrimps are usually around ½ an inch in length (from head to tail), there are varieties that can grow up to 12 inches or even longer. Did you know that a tiger shrimp is as long as an adult’s forearm and has more tail meat than the average lobster?

  7. Shrimps contain minerals that immune you against cancer. They contain selenium, an antioxidant mineral that activates cancer fighting enzymes. All the more reason to eat shrimp, eh? Come visit us at Bay Leaves, an Indian Restaurant Tampa Bay for the best shrimp dishes in town. We also have other exciting and mouthwatering dishes from the Indian Cuisine waiting for you.

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