Cuban Carnival Tour

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Every year around late July, Santiago de Cuba and Havana celebrate Carnival.  It dates back to the late 1500s and observes the times during the feast of Corpus Christ, when masters allowed their slaves to perform their homeland’s songs and dance and rejoice in their individual faiths.  Carnival is dedicated completely to children.  There are usually clowns, magicians, and sweets.

Those who visit Cuba during Carnival can expect to experience something amazing and joyful.  Musicians, dancers, and other partygoers thoroughly enjoy themselves.  Everyone stays out from dusk to dawn.  Kiosks provide food and drink and partygoers can purchase traditional Cuban cuisine while they gaze at the locals’ bright costumes. 

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel is a newly formed Cuban private travel agency.  Its highly skilled professionals have extensive travel experience and are specifically trained on the latest travel techniques, practices, and procedures.  It will show you Cuba in the best, possible manner.

The people of Cuba often say “Que Bolaa” to ask “what are you doing?” and “how are you going to have fun?”  It means they are treating you like a close friend.   And, that’s how Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel will treat you – as a friend.

Top Tours Excursions

One doesn’t have to visit Cuba during Carnival to enjoy its splendor and beauty.  One can book one of Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel’s ten Top Tour Excursions.  The dictionary defines “excursion” as a short trip.  While these excursion two days Habana aren’t very long, they are fantastic.  The excursions are as follows: 

•    Habana Auténtica – meet Havana and its people.  Visit Habana’s historical center and see a concert at the Buena Vista Social Club.

•    De Hemingway A La Habana – See Cuba as Ernest Hemingway did.  See the places he loved and visited daily. Visit Habana’s historical center and marvel at the architecture and enjoy its people.

•    Habana, Tabaco Y Ron:  Visit Cuba’s most popular icons: rum and the cigar.  See how both began and are currently meet.  Visit Habana’s historical center and simply enjoy Havana. 

•    Nuestra Habana:  See and feel Havana just as it is.  Visit its historical center and marvel at the architecture, the people’s daily activities, their comings and goings, their everything.  Simply see it as it is. 

•    Overnight Habana: this is the best way to encounter Havana and its people.  Visit the historical center, catch a show at the Tropicana, experience its history, savor its music, and dance in a nightclub, including one that goes back to the 1950s. 

•    Habana – Viñales Overnight:  you’ll enjoy both the city and nature.  Go horseback riding, listen to music, see an unforgettable show at the Tropicana Nightclub, learn about history and traditions, relive the music and dances of the 1950s, and catch a concert at the Buena Vista Social Club.

•    Nicho – Trinidad Overnight:  enjoy Trinidad (World Heritage), the “El Nicho” waterfalls and natural swimming pools.  See Cienfuegos (World Heritage of Humanity), the Cuban city of neoclassical style. Then, visit Santa Clara City, which is where you can learn about Che Guevara and visit his Memorial and Monument.  Dance salsa at the famous Casa de la Musica.

•    Qué Bolaa Matanzas! – see Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba, and the Yumuri Valley, which borders the city.  Visit Junco’s Palace, the Pharmaceutical Museum, Sauto Theatre, the cultural center, “La Vigía”, and Monserrate’s Chapel.  Take in the Cuban music and see where it was first played.

•    Caribbean Day:  this excursion is the best way to experience Cuba’s plants and animals.  Visit Zapata’s Swamp (RAMSAR Site), the greatest in Latin América.  Snorkel and/or dive the Caribbean Sea and see the stunning Coral Reef Barriers.  Actually interact with the animals, including parrots and crocodiles.  Then, indulge in exotic, tasty meals at small, private restaurants.

•    Tres Ciudades – three of the best Cuban highlights in one day.  Enjoy Trinidad (World Heritage), the most colonial city in Cuba, whose citizens preserve.  Visit Cienfuegos (UNESCO site), the only Cuban city of neoclassical style.  Then, see Santa Clara and learn about Che Guevara and visit his Memorial and Monument.  Enjoy aCuban Style lunch in one of the “Paladares” around the zone.

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel can also arrange private roundtrips, cuba roundtrips, and tours. 

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