Enjoy The Unsurpassed Experience Of Diving In Iceland

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Diving deep in the water and having the glimpse of those living creatures that leaves peacefully in the water without any disturbance is something, which is mesmerizing. The experience of looking at those marine creatures is like looking the heaven. You must have heard about heaven, but have not seen it actually, but when you dive deep into the water and look at the beautiful, exotic and charismatic look of marine creature there, this word that will certainly come out of your heart would be ‘heaven’. Yes, it’s true heaven on earth.

Do you also want to experience this compelling feeling, then come to Iceland and experience diving in Silfra? For sure, you will forget all your stress just in one dive.

What makes diving at Iceland so divine?

The Iceland is a Nordic Iceland Nation, and it is popularly known for its beautiful landscapes. The place has many attractions and variations. At the same place you can witness giant and killing volcanoes as well as the pleasant seashores.

About Selfra

The fissure of Silfra is known is the hot destination for diving lovers and diving in Silfra is world popular. And this is because of two main reasons,  

First, the Silfra fissure is basically a crack between Eurasian continents and the North American. This is place where continental plates meet and glide apart nearly 2cm per year.

In the world, this is the only place where one can dive or snorkel in the crack between the plates of two continents.

The second reason of its popularity is the underwater visibility. The visibility in the Silfra fissure is about 100 meters. And this makes the underwater experience so astonishing here. The reasons for this level of water clarity is again because of two reasons, first the water is cold about 2°C – 4°C remain so round the year and the second reason is it the glacial water that comes from nearby Langjökull. The water before coming here gets filtered through underground lava which is porous and present there for 30-100 years till it touches the north end of Thingvellir Lake, seeping out from underground wells. The Silfra water is as pristine as water can get and you can drink it at any time during your dive or snorkel.

Learn how to dive in Iceland

If you don’t know skill of diving, or you are planning to experience this adventure for the first time, then Iceland has many professional Institutions to train you. Diving in Iceland is very common, and people from all over the world come to this place round the year to experience this activity. Therefore, the place has a number of institutions that offer classes of short period time and teach people how to drive in. Classes are given by trained professionals, so there is nothing to worry about.