Experience at the beginning of test on Apple iPad 2

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Just a little light! This is senior digital
expert Chris Cui from Cell Phone Age after in the experience on iPad 2 to say
the first sentence. In our eager, anxiously waiting for 10 days, March 13, 2011
afternoon we finally have the first intimate contact with the iPad 2.
Surprised, praise, disappointed, indifferent to a variety of emotions in our
experience the moment broke out. IPad2 configuration changes in the paper
cooked in the heart of people who have been all concerned about it thoroughly,
so this article will focus on a user real experience on the iPad2. Well, not
much to say, let us approached iPad2 it!


first experience: iPad 2 is really much thinner and lighter

Two generations of iPad is also 9.7 inches
design, length and width contrast difference is almost negligible, two
generations of iPad square in front of us, the thickness of the change so that
we can see the iPad 2. But compared to the generation of iPad, iPad 2 thickness
is “out of color”, the only 8.8mm thickness than the generation of
13.4mm thin about 33%, so when we can feel in the hands of a thick gap. With
the WiFi version, iPad 2 weights of 601g, while the weight of the iPad 680g,
weight reduction of 15%, and the two in the hands we can still feel the weight
of the change.


In addition to the thickness of the other
one is a relatively large change in the back of the fuselage, iPad back of the
fuselage has a certain degree of curvature, and iPad 2 is only a little
curvature of the edge, most of the back are flat design, contrast, Chris is
still Like a generation of design style. In addition, the location of the
speaker from the bottom of the bottom of the next transfer to the left side of
the back of the fuselage, and the number of speakers also increased a lot of
holes, but the problem of dust and hand block when the speaker is so we worry
about. Of course, iPad 2 before and after the camera is also considered the
appearance of the difference between the larger parts.


application is really inseparable from the configuration of high-specification

Apple focus on operational experience
without deliberately emphasizing the hardware parameters, so if you look at the
hardware, iPad 2 and competitors are not dominant. And the generation compared
to iPad2 in two aspects of the upgrade, the processor from single-core A4
upgrade to dual-core A5, the framework of integrated graphics chip upgrade from
SGX535 to SGX543, 9 times the graphics performance and double performance
improvement will bring users More excellent operating experience, of course,
these are not open 512MB memory support. Performance upgrade a lot, but the A5
platform power and A4 platform the same, while meeting high performance and low
power consumption, iPad 2 this performance is very good.


In addition to the processor and memory
upgrades, Apple’s new operating system iOS 4.3 is also preset in the iPad 2,
the new iOS 4.3 for Safari browser performance is more obvious, more surfing.
In addition, iOS4.3 support iPad 2 Facetime function, and other Apple device
communication will be more convenient, but the mobile hot features only iPhone
4 can be used, slightly regret.


IPad 2 boots the main interface than the
iPad more than three icons, respectively Facetime, camera and Photo Booth. This
photo Booth is a funny camera software, the same screen it can generate 9
different effects, respectively, thermal induction, mirror, X-ray,
kaleidoscope, normal, light tunnel, extrusion, rotation, stretching and so on.
Although the camera pixels before and after “not to force”, but this
software may be able to add some fun, make up the low pixel regret.


2 unique experience: poor quality on camera shooting

The biggest difference between Apple iPad 2
and iPad on the shape is the front and rear camera configuration. On the
application, the biggest difference between the two is naturally the FaceTime
supported by the iPad 2 camera. From the iPad 2 boot screens it can be seen in
the main interface there is one more camera and FaceTime two applications.
FaceTime’s advantage is self-evident, but on Apple iPad 2 the configuration of
camera does not meet their identity.


If the front camera is only to ensure that
the video call function, do not need too high quality, then also excusable, but
the iPad 2 rear camera shooting effect is still very “simple” it
seems to be justified. In the actual trial experience, iPad 2 rear camera can
shoot 1280 × 720 pixel video, fluency is good but the quality is quite general;
for static image capture, only supports 720 × 960 pixel picture, and does not
support auto focus, but Comes with several camera effects mode adds some fun.


After a brief contact with the iPad 2, we
feel light and thin are the biggest intuitive changes to the user. The A5
processor, iOS4.3 brought about by the change is not very important, which
requires a more in-depth experience after the conclusion can be drawn. Before
the iPad 2 has been widely concerned about the performance of the camera is
very disappointing, it seems that Apple hopes more camera to become Facetime
function of the physical medium, rather than a camera-based hardware.


However iPad 2 is till worthy of buying for
common use as the price has dropped a lot compared to when it was released. Now
you can choose to buy a used iPad 2 in 32GB
at price only 159.19USD on Cell Phone Age com. 


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