Features Which Make WhatsApp the Best Massaging Platform

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The social media
and social messaging apps have made communication easy and they are
also able to add some entertainment in the life of user. People of
all age groups take interest in social media and similar tools.
Almost all the social media platforms and messaging apps are equally
popular and enjoy a great number of user bases. One such social
messaging app that stands out in this virtual competition and has
gained great popularity over the years is WhatsApp. With over around
700 million active users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile
messaging applications. The main reason behind the great popularity
of the messaging app is its fast functioning and the variety of
features it offers. People always seek funny
WhatsApp status
to entertain the people in their

Some of very interesting
features of WhatsApp includes-


The core
functioning of this app is personal messaging and that is the primary
function behind its popularity. Quick delivery, ample amount of
emojis and option of media transaction makes WhatsApp the most
preferred messaging app.


This is also a very
interesting feature it allows people to create a common chat room and
interact with each other. WhatsApp group chats have allowed families
and friends to connect with all the closed ones at one

Display picture and

This feature of
WhatsApp allows you to upload images and status, which will be
visible to all the contacts. It enables you to express their thought
and feelings and this feature is liked and indulged by almost all the
WhatsApp users. People prefer DP
for Whatsapp with quotes
; this allows them to
express themselves in better way. There are even websites and online
platforms from where you can have good display pictures and status to

All these features make
WhatsApp a must use app. There are many different online tools which
help you in being extremely impressive on WhatsApp. One such online
platform is called WappPictures.com. This tool is the best place to
download pictures and status to make your Whatsapp account more


is a website from where you can take many types of long and short
status for WhatsApp
. WappPictures.com is known
for providing pictures, videos and memes for WhatsApp and similar
massaging apps.

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