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Gofybr allows your hair and scalp
to breathe freely through the Hair Growing Fiber, rather than smothering it
like other conventional wool based products, which can cause your hair to
become itchy & even lead to further hair loss! Our 100% natural fibers naturally
bind to your existing hair strands and in seconds creates a natural look of
thicker, fuller hair. It is completely untraceable, even from as close as 2
inches. Once you apply Gofybr, you won’t be able to believe the difference.
Simply shampoo Gofybr to wash out & remove once finished. Gofybr is made
from a species of natural plant cotton called; Gossypium Herbaceum. It
naturally resembles real human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect
once applied. Gofybr immediately makes thinning hair look naturally thick &
strong. Gofybr is resistant to wind, rain or perspiration.