How Geniux Became Silicon Valley's Favorite "Brain Drug".

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Throughout the ultra competitive history of the Silicon Valley tech industry, entrepreneurs have always looked for ways to gain an edge over the competition. Due to this, the use of various nootropics or cognitive enhancers have exploded with many users swearing by their ability to greatly enhance their brain’s ability. While pharmaceutical pills such as Adderall and Modafinil are becoming rampant in places such as college campuses and sales floors, high level entrepreneurs have put their focus on what is now considered the smart pill for the elite: Geniux.

Once exclusive to only the most elite and well-connected, Geniux has only recently been revealed to the general public. Initially created by researchers who were hired to develop a solution for military personnel and fighter pilots who regularly go on tough missions that require intense focus for long periods of time, those who used it swore by its amazing effects. Some insiders have even speculated that it may have been the model for the NZT pill in the movie Limitless, which revolves around a protagonist who gained significantly enhanced mental capabilities upon its use.


Growing Demand and Availability

Upon the spike in public awareness surrounding this cognitive enhancement pill, the initial creators of the pill have partnered with a US based supplement manufacturing company to make them available to the public. Created using natural ingredients in a revolutionary extraction process, the new producers of Geniux have always been known for their high standard of quality and safety. For more information regarding active ingredients in the product and how you can potentially try it out for yourself, please visit their official website at:


Professional Insight Into The Effects of Geniux

As an experienced health consultant and nutrition researcher, I have obtained a great deal of insight into how various nootropics affect the human brain. I have also had the privilege to speak at various health conferences where I shared the pros and cons of cognitive enhancement supplements. When I first started researching the trial testings of Geniux, I became very intrigued by its beneficial properties where users experienced significant improvements in focus, concentration, and mental clarity. One test found that at least 91% of users referenced noticeable improvements in their mental alertness and retention. Even more impressive was the lack of side among most most users with only a few reporting slight dizziness or hyperactivity.


Final Recommendation: Should You Try Yourself?

With all the insight I have gained from researching the overall quality and effectiveness of this pill, I honestly found myself very optimistic regarding the pill’s quality and effectiveness. The massive amount of data and scientific research ensuring benefits of Geniux is what I consider nothing short of amazing.

Despite my positive assessment with the product, I should still advise you to consult your doctor to see if Geniux is right for you. Much like with any supplement available on the market, it’s important that users take sufficient care and precautions before trying it for themselves. If you want more information regarding the availability of the product, I advise that you check out their official website where they break down all the properties of the product.

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