How Owning a Companion Dog can Help Reduce Loneliness

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are said to be man’s best friend; and these domestic animals are
called so due to their loyal and loving nature. Dogs, once befriended
with anyone are the most caring and supporting animals. They not only
provide you that love with all the cuddles and the drooling after you
come home, but are a bundle of joy for all people.

Companion dogs are those breeds of dog
which are easier to train, live with families and heal people with
their loving nature. These dogs such as the Shiba Inu do not just
love but can also be trained to understand instructions. These dogs
are very intelligent and understand the difference between friend and
enemy. They crave attention of their owners and will do all sorts of
tricks and pricks possible to gain attention. They are not only
demanding for attention but also need some tough love every now and
then. These dogs are considered best for amateur owners who do not
know how to handle and train dogs.

The Shiba Inu
is one of the six original breeds of dogs from Japan. It is the
smallest of all the original breeds and gains a height of a feet and
a half at max. The fox like looking dog is one of the most
intelligent companion dogs. They can be trained after their owner has
won them over. Usually considered as stubborn, these dogs require the
pampering and caressing after a good job and shouting verbally or a
loud no to make them understand what is wrong. These dogs not only
keep themselves but also their owners engaged with them leaving no
stone unturned to gain attention. Shiba Inu were traditionally
hunters and thus, they turn up with presents every now and then for
their owners killing the loneliness in their lives.

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