How to become top online seller of iPhone cases

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IPhone accessories have spawned a lot of
cross-border sales, and the minimum threshold products are phone case and
protective covers. Every year summer there are many hot sale models of phone
cases special for iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 6s, iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc. but the iPhone 8’s chance has
come, will you continue to do the customer or dealer? We first take a look at
the situation of top sales from Cell Phone Age com.


TOP seller’s goods in accordance with the
normal estimate have been the following three stages: 1, factory orders
production; 2, has reached the Chinese warehouse for quality inspection and
ready to send overseas warehouses; 3, has reached the overseas warehouse!


TOP sellers have real procurement staff,
they will be the earliest from the Internet this year, to predict iPhone models
introduced to the existing mobile phone accessories suppliers and some Apple
OEM suppliers to uninterrupted advice, to analyze the useful information on new
mobile phone model. When in Internet breaking news about iPhone 8 model and
related information have been concentrated to the technical parameters, in
fact, the appearance is already fixed. For those big sellers of iPhone cases
and covers, technology Parameters are not what they really care about, it does
not matter! Also, from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, all the iPhone newest model
appearances that really matters forecasted by Internet are basically 100%


If you are one of top sellers on mobile
accessories, you must know that, in fact, for phone case or cover, the color,
material and appearance are always the focus elements of mobile phone
customers. Then for the new listing, you need to choose for iPhone 7 with the
hottest colors, materials and appearances of these three all in accordance with
the iPhone 8. If budget is available, you can have ability to launch some of your
own brand-style design and appearance. Since the market of iPhone case is highly
competitive, you need to keep sharp-eyed on market data in previous years and
own precise strategic vision.


When with the emergence of a new product
and the rapid rise in market demand, you must make sure the logistics speed
fast enough. This can help you occupy on the most favorable competitiveness on market.
Therefore, the listing should be posted in 1-3 days after new item release, and
delivery place must be overseas warehouse which can make sure the fastest
logistics to feeling eagerly buyer. Then for the seller the deal is concerned
as an effective transaction, for the buyers, it is excited in another happy.


For example, if you are a seller on Amazon,
FBA is the best choice, only need to do a good LISTING (certainly a variant). And
then send order via FBA, just first need to do this LISTIGN off the shelf. After
the new item launched then make LISTING online again, so to ensure the listing
time consistent with accurate release time. With high exposure you will get
sales advantage.


If you operate an online shop on
Aliexpress, first of all after goods arrives to overseas warehouse, before the
listing is post online, you need check out whether the word “iPhone 8” is
blocked or not on search bar. And I do not recommend using China direct
delivery, although it reduces costs of delivery to warehouse and risks. However
the logistics efficiency is low and the unit price is low, resulting in when entering
market the competitiveness is lacked.


Although you will not often learn that accessories
manufacturers get inspiration from a destination, but Casetify has gained
inspiration from the DTLA to create a product and introduce it into the latest
series of iPhone cases – “Shock Cities Series: DTLA “. The focus of
this project is to combine the elements of the city, such as the appearance of
its hard structure, and its integration with the complex internal.


By using this idea, the company created a
unique phone case. This product has an anti-UV polycarbonate shell and is
combined with impact resistant thermoplastic polyurethane. Casetify enhances
the impact resistance of the phone case by integrating its patented
“qìtech”. In addition, the rigid crystal structure can make the phone
shell to withstand temperature changes, and excellent tear resistance. This
phone case has four colors: olive, sand, brown and matte black; for iPhone 6/6
Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus these models.


In most of our life time, we only finally
see the final product. But almost every product brand has a story behind it.
When it comes to Los Angeles, you may think of cars and traffic (maybe beaches
or movie stars), but do not forget there is downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). DTLA
this is a concrete “jungle” with many businesses, and it has
gradually developed into a cultural center.


As the coming of back to school shopping
season, many mobile phone accessories are taking action on listing new items
for promoting. Phone case with necessity and fashion sense will always be the
hot sale item on consumes electrics market. The new listed Back
Case Cover For Apple IPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7/7 Plus
by Cell
Phone Age com is offered on sale.

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