How to distinguish refurbished Apple iPhone

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Recently it was spread like wildfire that
Apple may be launch of the official refurbished iPhone service in the Chinese
market, which is considered as a targeted action by Apple to combat second-hand
iPhone market. For those who want to buy iPhone, before buying how to avoid
refurbished iPhone is definitely one of the important elements they consider.
If Apple really launched this service in China will there be what impact on the
market? This makes us need to once again understand on refurbished mobile phone


So far, on Apple’s official online sales of
the refurbished product categories there are iPad, iPod and Mac. In the bottom
of the Apple’s official website store carefully you can see the “renovation
and clearance” column. Through Apple’s official website we can know
Apple’s definition of refurbished products. Apple-certified refurbished
products are second-hand Apple products, but are pre-sold by Apple’s rigorous
refurbishment process. Although only part of the product is due to technical
problems were returned, but Apple for all products have a strict quality
renovation process. They can work 100%, and then sell as a refurbished product.
As these refurbished products have been opened and used, there may be some
surface flaws, such as scratches, traces or fading.


characteristics of the official refurbished iPhone

And the replacement machine is only a
single head different, the official machine factory with a packaging and with
new accessories, the picture shows the official turned iPhone 6 packaging,
white box, and the box printed with “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”. On tag
features, iPhone 6 tags and iPhone 6s not the same. IPhone 6s is packed in pure
black. IPhone 6 in front of the “RFB” refurbished is the
abbreviation, meaning refurbished. The official number of the serial number is
DQG, DQH, C7G, C3M and so on.


You can only rely on the length of the
warranty to determine the replacement or the official turned over, said in
front of the Hong Kong port replaced iPhone warranty is a continuation of the
last, usually from the production time to the warranty deadline of less than a
year, and the official flip machine warranty calculation And the same retail,
activated after 365 days warranty, so full of security is the official turn
machine. For the box and machine models different circumstances, Apple 400
customer service is given because the batch is different.


of refurbishment market

Speaking of refurbishing the market, you
have to mention second-hand and parallel imports. Refurbishment is generally
second-hand or parallel equipment, and second-hand and parallel imports are not
necessarily refurbished. The network has been circulating such a piece: China’s
“birth” iPhone than Apple’s official shipments to the total amount of
China even more, here is the Chinese iPhone renovation market. According to the
survey, the sales of the so-called parallel iPhone, the proportion of its
refurbished machine up to 90%, to understand the renovation of the
“process” of consumers have expressed shocking. These iPhone looks
from the appearance and the ordinary iPhone is no different, but most of the
motherboards are replaced, you can buy almost every country version of the iPhone,
the British version, the Singapore version, the US version of these natural
Needless to say, this relatively popular version has become popular up,
parallel machine to help you change the country is also no difficulty, these
refurbished machines can be mainly concentrated in the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, but
do not think the latest iPhone 6s can be spared , In addition I believe we have
seen iPhone 5c changed iPhone 5s such “boutique”.


Here a very familiar place Huaqiang North
is involved. According to some local people informed the market, where you can
see the entire iPhone renovation process, a lot of two phones open, the
motherboard and most of the components can be used, only need to transfer the
old parts of the old pieces of a high Imitation after the cover, and then
replace the original screen can be completed, one of the most important is the
motherboard, because only Apple’s motherboard can install iOS system, more
skilled craftsmen 30 minutes can be renovated one. Even if the fineness of the
second-hand iPhone, the internal components may be new inactive, but the seller
is also likely from the headphones, chargers and other accessories for profit.


to identify refurbished iPhone

This is the majority of mobile phone users
to buy the concerns, how to buy in the refurbished machine to avoid buying has
become an important consideration. The first is the way to buy, according to
the risk factor from small to large arrangement: Apple Store – Apple authorized
store – third party monopoly – unauthorized retailers – wholesale (mainly the
purchase of several ways). For most of the domestic users, they do not
necessarily have Apple’s official Apple Store, so the risk of buying
refurbished machines for most people is there. Now the average consumer is only
from the iPhone packaging, plastic, etc. have been difficult to see that this
is not an original iPhone, and now JS even the stalemate of the plastic is also
imitated to be vivid. But more careful users can still find some clues, because
the original seal on the pores are all laser drilling, very neat, very uniform.
After disassembling, check the serial number of the device. Through the iPhone
settings – General – on the machine can view the iPhone serial number, and then
through the Apple official website for its effective date of purchase,
maintenance and service and activation, etc., the new equipment warranty period
is one year, if less than one year or Expired, there is good reason to doubt
whether their equipment is refurbished or second-hand, the data are from the
Apple database, it can be used to identify most of the renovation equipment.


If Apple really launched in the Chinese
market official refurbished iPhone services, it will be no doubt a blow and
rectification for second-hand and fake iPhone market. The official
refurbished iPhone 6s
in the price is more of advantages than the original
version. In the service and quality Apple will not let consumer disappointed in

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