It’s Okay to Say No At Times of Need - Parenting Tips

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All of us want to be loved by parents, siblings, spouses,
friends, co-workers etc. Another love which is close to our heart would be our
children’s. Sometimes we forget that they are our children in the pursuit of
pleasing them. 

While we always have our kid’s best interests at heart, we
are frequently torn apart as to whether we should simply be a parent become
their best friends too. And guess what, these may be some of the most crucial
moments that shape your child’s life. At times like these, we should assert the
role of a parent and guide them towards the right decision.

Even though parents and friends share different traits, they
are not always mutually exclusive. Both these roles have some important
qualities that should be demonstrated. A friend and a parent are both good
listeners, empathetic and respectful. A good friend and a good parent should
tell when their ally or child makes a mistake. Because only mistakes can help
your child grow! You’re a parent and not an accomplice.

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