Lead Bullets Cause Major Fire, Officers Must Now Use Frangible Bullets

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Four years ago, in July 2013, a fire severely damaged the Portsmouth Police Station Shooting Range in New Hampshire. Clean-up and restoration costs exceeded $1 million dollars.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) investigated the blaze and determined that itoccurred after an officer practiced firing a handgun. The officer insisted that he did not use a certain type of lead bullet that was particularly flammable. Said bullets were prohibited at the shooting range and were responsible for a prior fire at a Dallas, Texas shooting range.

ATF investigators were able to rule out all ignition sources, except for “heated fragments of bullets” and such was the only rational explanation that satisfied the evidence. They also noted fires at two other shooting ranges in which “ordinary ammunition” was the ignition source.

Now that the shooting range has been rebuilt, the Portsmouth Police

Chief has totally forbidden officers from using any kind of lead ammunition.  Officers practicing inside the firing range can only use lead-free frangible ammunition.

Ecomass Technologies

For nearly twenty years, Ecomass Technologies has pioneered innovative solutions through thermoplastic composite materials, high density plastics, and engineered thermoplastics.

Military and law enforcement and others who use and depend upon Frangible Ammunition are turning to Ecomass. Lead free ammunition or Green ammo is completely lead-free and manufactured with composite materials of tungsten, copper, or tin, utilizing an injection molding or powder metallurgic production process.  Ecomass’ production process allows it to produce superior quality Frangible Ammunition and green ammo.  

Along with the aforementioned fire safety advantages, frangible ammunition reduces the risk of lead contamination at indoor and outdoor firing ranges and in the environment as a whole. Furthermore, Frangible Ammunition disintegrates upon impact, which decreases the risk of over-penetration injuries and practically eliminates the risk of injuring innocent bystanders.

Ammunition manufacturers and other industry leaders use Ecomass’ non-toxic, high gravity compounds to replace lead, as well aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, and tungsten in a wide-range of uses.  Ecomass is committed to constantlyrefining and enhancing its lead-free technologies to remain at the forefront of advanced solutions.

All of Ecomass’ compounds are 100% lead free, do not contain any U.S. EPA toxic or hazardous substances, and fully comply with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Contact Ecomass today or see its website and complete one if its RFQ Forms to find out how its Frangible Projectiles can be used in your ammunition application. Also see its case studies page to learn about its lead free frangible ammunition.