Look For Service Differentiators While Searching For Furniture Delivery Vendors

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My childhood friend, who was moving from Dubai to Sharjah, was on his hunt for the best vendor providing furniture delivery services in Dubai. Since I knew him well, I was aware that his furniture was a collection from the reputed wood galleries. Not only him, I’m sure everyone is particular about their home collection and therefore selective when it comes to finding the furniture movers. Since he was relocating to Sharjah, he looked for vendors who provide furniture delivery in Sharjah.

Owing to my inquisitive nature and duty to help my friend, I too started searching for vendors who do furniture delivery in Sharjah. I soon came up with list of vendors in this service domain. What I figured out immediately was that typically every vendor catering to furniture delivery in Dubai, also caters to cities around; however some may have their geographical boundaries defined.

Amongst the entire list, ‘Ruftar’ caught my eye!

I visited their website www.ruftar.com to find Ruftar as a customer centric organization providing logistics solutions, making relocation and transport a hassle less experience. Well, these are the common traits of logistic service providers. So, I dug further to evaluate the Ruftar’s service differentiators and here’s what I found-

1) One-Stop Solution –Ruftar is just not about one solution, it’s a bouquet which eliminates the hassle of going to different vendors when you have multiple needs. The galore of services include on-demand vehicle services; from motor-cycle, trucks, vans or any vehicle which you might need to move. Furniture deliveries, Pallet delivery, truck rental, relocate personal belongings or an office move, Ruftar caters to all!

2) Easy Reach, Faster Service, Excellent Experience – Ruftar’s website facilitates online order booking and that’s all! You do not have to get into finding their number, call them, give details and ask for pricing. Their rep’s get in touch with you and provide the best economical rates relevant to the services you choose.

3) Ruftar has a free mobile app to download and use. So, everything is just at a finger click at Ruftar. You don’t even need to open your laptop!

4) What more! Ruftar is a licensed movers and logistic company who deliver what they promise!

Hardin Piepers has been working in logistic industry furniture delivery Sharjah and furniture delivery Dubai understands the nuances and service benchmarks of this industry. Her vast experience helps provide insights and facts and figures w.r.t this service domain.