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Good songs and music can be taught and improved through focus and
dedication and can lead to success of a lot of bands and artists. Loren Israel
has good ears for upcoming talents and therefore, he works for big
firms like Virgin Records, Warner Bros. Records, etc. He has been
responsible for identifying and guiding various artists in genres like
Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, etc.

The artist was inclined towards music since his younger years and used
to put up several concerts even during college as he was unable to stay
away from music. Loren was recruited as an intern at Capitol Records
from one of these benefits concerts. Loren Israel has also produced and developed various bands independently.

Loren Israel runs
a course called The Band Boot Camp which assists upcoming artists in
improving in areas like songwriting, stage presence and self marketing.
The artist believes that there is a code to write a good song and if an
artist follows the code, they can write hit songs too. Loren helps
artists thoroughly, jams with them guides them through their whole song
writing experience and shows them how to fit in the industry.

The band boot camp run by Loren Israel goes about the following course:

1. Song Writing 101: He first asks them to come up with 20 of their
favorite songs from the Billboard charts, then these artists study these
songs, their lyrics, choruses, etc. and then understand those tricks
about their way of song writing.

2. Using The Code: The artists are then required to adapt those same
tricks of their favorite artists into their way of song writing and

3. Songs: The artists are now expected to come up with at least one song
each week and move towards advanced form of song writing where Israel
guides the artists himself.

4. Recordings: As soon as the song is written they move towards
recording so that they know that what all is required further in the

5. Live Shows: They then perform their finished songs in front of live
audiences so that they learn and experience everything and can go about
on their own after the completion of the program.

Loren Israel
is a very renowned and trusted person in the music industry and any
band or artist associated or managed b him van be expected to do wonders
in the industry if they follow his guidelines and take advantage of his
time and abilities.

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