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Meerut Cantt. (Hindi: मेरठ केंट), could be a depot within the town of Meerut. It lies on the urban center-Meerut-Saharanpur line in Delhi division of Northern Railway zone of the Republic of India.
The railway line between Old Delhi and Meerut was created in 1864. This station was established by British Republic of India government around 1865 when the uprising of 1857. It lies on the urban center to Haridwar/Dehradun line.
It lies on an urban center-Meerut-Saharanpur line that connects Delhi, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur. urban center to Meerut town is double-lined and electrified whereas Meerut-Saharanpur section is a single-electrified line. Doubling of Meerut-Saharanpur section is in full swing.
Meerut could be a town within the Indian state of the state. it’s AN ancient town with settlements chemical analysis back to the Indus natural depression civilization having been found in and around the space. the town lies seventy kilometers (43 mi) northeast of the metropolis New Delhi and 453 kilometers (281 mi) northwest of the urban center Lucknow.
Meerut is that the second largest town within the metropolitan region, and as of 2011 the thirty-third most inhabited urban agglomeration and also the twenty-sixth most inhabited town in the Republic of India. It stratified 292 in 2006 and is projected to rank 242 in 2020 within the list of largest cities and concrete areas within the world. The municipal space (as of 2001) is 141.89 km2 (54.78 sq mi) with the camp covering thirty-five .68 km2 (3,568.06 ha). the town is one amongst the biggest producers of sports merchandise, and also the largest producer of musical instruments in the Republic of India. the town is additionally an education hub in the western state. Meerut is additionally called the “Sports town of India”. the town is legendary for being the start line of the 1857 rebellion against British colonial rule.
The Meerut history (मेरठ का इतिहास) is packed with a variety of eventful happenings. In fact, Meerut has been within the center of a flurry of activities. Its closeness to urban center contributed in a very huge thanks to its progress and development. but its proximity to urban center conjointly acted a serious disadvantage for Meerut because it was the positioning for myriad upheavals. The history of Meerut is AN endless heroic tale of labor and dedication of its inhabitants that comprise of the Tyagis, Vaishyas, Rajputs, Jats, and Gujjars, all of whom were instrumental within the comprehensive development of Meerut.

A detailed study of Meerut’s history can reveal the very fact that Meerut had up-to-date the forcefulness of the invasions of Qutub-ud-din and Tamerlane.
During this exacting amount, Meerut stood up against its attackers with unvanquishable courageousness and tenaciousness. The Revolt of 1857 encompasses a deep nonmoving significance within the historical background of Meerut. 24th April 1857 was a fateful day within the history of Meerut, once cardinal cavalrymen happiness to the third cavalry refused to even bit the cartridges that junction rectifier to 10 years of imprisonment as a type of penalization. This event acted as a catalyst for the overall upheaval against British oppression that was to assume the proportion of the primary war of Indian independence.

The socio-religious front that created ripples within the Indian society throughout the nineteenth century failed to exclude Meerut. Illustrious figures of the front like Dayanand Saraswati commissioned military officer Olcott, Annie Besant and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan graced Meerut with their visits. The history of Meerut conjointly reveals the very fact that the Arya Samaj Movement conjointly gained a lot of quality in Meerut. Meerut was a crucial seat of nonsecular, cultural, intellectual and political activities. Meerut has conjointly gained international prominence due to the very fact that in archaeologic excavations that were meted out within the Alamgirpur Village, historical remains happiness to the Harappan civilization were unearthed. AN ancient well and painted gray wares stumbled upon throughout the diggings is derived back to the Mauryan amount.
Meerut begumpul (मेरठ बेगम पुल) could be a nice place to go to in Meerut and extremely lovely place.