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Housing Group
is a facilitator of investment opportunities,
undertake projects, sales and conduct support programme with a
variety of housing initiatives. It is an independent body providing
diverse a range of housing activities with a focus on housing for Key
Workers and Seniors.

It’s Australia’s one
of the fastest growing housing provider whose key strength is derived
from Government Programs and Funding. National
Housing Group
has implemented Green smart building
initiatives in housing. The designs of the building are as per trend
and environment friendly practices are adopted in the building. The
Housing Group
use the feature of cross flow ventilation in
its buildings, where fresh and inspiring vibes encourage work and
creative thinking.

The focus of National
Housing Group
is to promote professional sales and marketing
in housing associations. When it comes to the housing management it
acts both as sole managing agent and maintains a supporting role
through its Preferred Partners Program.

The sales and marketing
have facilitated investment from both Domestic and International
Investors and continues to offer select opportunities to these
privileged investors. National
Housing Group
is actively engaged in the implementation of
both State and Federal Government initiatives. It is active in areas
of Seniors Living, Rural Living, and Affordable Housing and provides
a range of tenant services and programs such as housing KONECT, Homes
& Gardens, Rent4Less, Healthy Homes and UniDesign.

The preferred partner
programs help in achieving high outcomes and fulfill the commitment
to support local communities. It provides opportunities to local
businesses in maintenance, trading and supplying, real estate,
developers, values and other career opportunities for the preferred
partner programme.

Housing Group
delivers the projects by acting in the role of
financial sponsor and complements the development opportunities. The
government initiatives in conduct encourage investments and
development, which brings superior outcomes for both investors and


The tenant services
provided for housing by National
Housing Group
have new ideas and additions where they assist
the key workers and seniors to find the suitable housing in the
location they currently reside. Apart from this, it delivers free
gardening and home maintenance advice for the tenants and healthy
homes which provide health services to seniors.

Housing Group
also takes special care of customer privacy, as
they respect the privacy of its visitors, it does not sell or deal in
personal or customer information. Information and updates regarding
the website and changes to the law are delivered time to time.