Need to Get in Shape? Drink Match Green Tea

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Most of us want to look slimmer. To all those who are even slightly
plus-sized, it’s a New Year resolution, which they take every year, to
get in shape. Each of us wants to look slim in our pictures, wish to
have a fit body or to be able to wear all kinds of designer clothes that
one can carry but sometimes even working out does not help. After that
tiring day of work, the toxic diet that we take each day does not help,
neither does our workout regime. But what if one could get that look by
just sipping on a cup of tea?

Slimming tea is
not just your everyday tea. This tea cleanses your body inside out by
enhancing the antioxidants in your body to help promote healthy weight.
With ingredients that help remove excess water from your body which
leads to weight loss, the fact that it tastes good too is a revelation
in itself.

This kind of slimming process involves teatox (detox with tea) which is
facilitated through an amazing blend of ingredients that have
historically helped in weight loss such as green tea leaves, Dandelion
leaf, Acai Berry amongst other antioxidants. This teatox blend is the
popular choice of slimming tea these days as it tastes great and has
more antioxidants than what would generally be available in green tea.

The Matcha green tea has been used for centuries to detoxify. Matcha
green tea contains 137 times more antioxidant known as EGCG than normal
green tea which helps improves metabolism and has anti-ageing
properties. Matcha has 5 times more chlorophyll content than found in
normal tea. It makes it greener and helps remove hard metal and chemical
toxins from the body. Matcha green tea has 17 times more antioxidants
than blueberries; making it one of the most powerful super-foods known

So, if you too want to get advantage of the many benefits of detox tea,
then Bondi Beach Tea Co. is the company you should opt for. Their
teatox blend slimming tea is available in weekly detox packs.

About Bondi Beach Tea Co.:

Bondi Beach Tea Co. is based near the beach, Bondi in Sydney, Australia. It primarily makes teatox
teas of its own blend including Matcha green tea. The company is
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