Practice the school route again with wear safety vest

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In the previous year, 570 children were injured on the way to school. The association “Large protect small” advises: “Always keep the safe way with older children,keep a reflective vest, avoid distractions and reduce speed!” Every year, about 1300 children are walking around the country on foot, by bicycle or by road and sports equipment.

Almost half of them were injured on the way to school.

“Practice the school route not only with the schoolchildren, but with all the schoolchildren and the 10-year-olds who go to high school or the new middle school! Even if the path is not new: First, the holidays are much forgotten, secondly, important points have often changed. Parents of schoolchildren, together with the next generation, should best deal with the safest way to school in the last two weeks. It is extremely important that children not only know the traffic rules but can also apply them well “, emphasizes Holler Till, President of the Association” Large Protect Small “and Executive Board of the Grazer Kinder.

Lack of awareness of danger

The trigger for childish pedestrian accidents is often a confusing traffic situation. Children look less often on the left, run impulsively across the street, appear more suddenly behind obstacles, play with the mobile phone, follow people without looking and choose the shortest way.

In addition, the awareness of the dangers of schoolchildren is still reduced to the moment. They can only recognize ad hoc: “Now I am in danger”.

The anticipated perception of danger, which is so important for traffic safety, is not fully developed until 11 years.

Dangerous distractions

Distractions, such as the mobile phone, are a second serious risk factor: “Talk to your child that telephones, also a great danger for pedestrians. It is best to leave the next generation on the way to school, “advises till. Also the headphones stay better at home, so that the ears are free for traffic noise. On the sidewalk, it is important to go as far in as possible, not to run, push or catch.

Be sure to plan the time: Stress increases the risk of accidents!

Sleeping well and having breakfast? This is especially important for school children when it comes to attention and concentration – not only at school, but also on the way there.

Make sure that your child is wearing bright or reflective clothing and a schoolbag with sufficiently large reflectors, especially in the dark season – this is the norm of DIN 58124!

When your child walks: Choose a school path that your child can safely cope with! Take some detours for this!

Show your child that there is a need to pay attention to the traffic lights at the traffic lights!

The number of children walking to school generally decreases. Just before school days, too many cars are on the road just before school starts – because children are increasingly being brought by their parents.

“By means of regular pick-up and delivery services, however, children who are on foot are much more at risk,” warns the association.

In addition, children in safety vest often benefit from the fact that they are on their way to school: not only is their safety to be promoted in road traffic but also positive effects on the joy of movement, social relationships and the ability to concentrate in the classroom.