Pros And Cons Of The Clear Cutting Process

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When large trees need to be removed from a specific region, it is referred to as clear-cutting. It is usually done for logging purposes or to remove vegetation that is unwanted in a certain region for the development of land. This is a method that is considered most damaging for the environment, though it is still done in different parts of the world.


Need For Clear Cutting
With increasing population pressure on land, many forested and uninhabited areas experience apple tree felling Centurion or clear cutting. This is part of the normal land development plan, though it is being scrutinized and tried to be controlled by different governments. In order to control land development and ensure that forested areas are not damaged, many such areas are declared as protected forest areas which realtors need to stay away from. However, many lands that are given away for real estate development are first subjected to clear cutting before other kinds of land preparation can be done.


How Clear Cutting Happens

When clear cutting is necessary, logging companies opt for this practice as apple tree felling Centurion which is considered to be safe and effective. When clear cutting can be done, entire stretches of wooded areas can be chopped down to clear out trees. As there is no requirement to take precaution or leave aside the patches of wooded areas, the process of removing trees moves faster. This process makes it faster for the loggers as well as they can collect the felled logs in a faster manner and in a shorter time frame.


Drawbacks For The Environment

Several drawbacks exist which make clear cutting controversial. Even if it is done for the sake of development and human habitation, forests act as a natural buffer from strong winds and storms that can impact human settlements as well as erode the topsoil in a great way. Again, any forest area supports a natural ecosystem which, when removed, leads to several animals losing their natural habitat and endangering their lives as well as encroaching upon human settlements. Large trees take a long time to rebuild. Even though many governments ask for substitute areas to be developed for greenery, replacing a forested area and its benefits cannot be done easily if ever.


Need To Preserve Trees

Cities which are built around carefully preserved forested areas can help to preserve the same by employing arbor tree services in Centurion. There are tree specialists who can prune trees and maintain them as well as bring them down in an orderly manner if the trees are dead or dying. It is important to clear out as much area as is required for human settlement and allow the remaining area to be forested, with replantation encouraged as well. Many developed countries have proclaimed many areas as forested and preserved areas which ensure that no clear cutting or tree removal activities are conducted. Home owners are encouraged to maintain trees that have existed in their premises with the help of specialist services like arbor tree services in Centurion.

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