Real evaluation on performance of iPhone 7 Plus

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When the whole world think there is no anymore
surprise after iPhone 4, but found they have underestimated the ability of Cook,
as Apple piled up the hardware to even their own fear. A new generation of
iPhone as scheduled, in addition to ID design, almost a comprehensive upgrade.
A10 chip, wide color gamut, dual camera, etc. is worth paying for. After reading
the article Cell Phone Age com believes that you will get your own answer.


Compared to the hardware upgrade, iPhone 7
Plus did not change the design, should allow most users chatter to ridicule a
year, or even two years may be. Therefore, the “bright black” new
color has become the iPhone 7 Plus design the biggest bright spot. In addition,
the earlier dark gray color has been matte texture dark black instead. In
addition to the new color, iPhone 7 Plus design there are many subtle changes,
such as antenna technology to improve, you can waterproof and cancel the 3.5mm


IPhone 7 Plus body design material and
iPhone 6s the same, are 7000 series of aluminum alloy. But the “bright
black” iPhone 7 Plus is very special, how it looks more like a glass
material body. “Bright black” color of a strong sense of gloss
(feeling temperament instant super god), I believe that friends through Apple’s
official video has been felt. In contrast, the matte texture of the dark black
looks more mediocre, texture and feel and other color is not much difference. In
addition, we found that the “bright black” color version of the
iPhone 7 Plus polished very rounded, the screen and the circular border almost
seamless connection, out of the state, the screen and the border seems to be


Compared to the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus
antenna with the injection molding process becomes delicate, such as back and
forth touch antenna belt has not felt a slight sense of split. In addition, the
“bright black” color of the antenna can be polished and body color is
similar, which also reflects the iPhone 7 Plus body design process improved. In
addition to glossy texture, and more subtle antenna belt, “bright
black” iPhone 7 Plus feel also more reflected. Although it looks like a
glass material, but feel will be relatively more gentle, and not very skidders,
and even feel better than other colors. “Bright black” color iPhone 7
plus is easy to stain fingerprints, and glossy surface coating is easy to
scratch, this point Apple has also been explained in the official website. So,
buy “bright black” color of the new machine users, we still with a
protective cover it


Although the “bright black” color
version is easy to squander, but it seems to be sought after by the consumer,
the fastest time to sell the sale of fresh. However, Apple is also focused on
publicity is “bright black” color version, such as the conference above
all “bright black” color version of the promotional video, and the
official website is also linked to “bright black” color version. In
fact, the “bright black” color version in the production process
using a new process. The metal body is polished by 3D rotary polishing,
followed by anodic oxidation and dyeing. Finally, the anodized iron is used to
polish the anodized surface to form a dazzling glossy texture. May be due to
the use of a new process, the cost is relatively high, so “bright
black” color version only provides 128GB and 256GB two capacity version.


Dustproof waterproofing is another
highlight of the iPhone 7 Plus design. However, it should be noted that the
iPhone 7 Plus only supports IP67-level dust and water. In other words, the
phone time soaked in 1 meter deep water will not be affected. iPhone 7 Plus
waterproof performance than Sony or Samsung Galaxy S7 / Note 7 IP68 dust and
water, Apple designed to improve the daily use of mobile phone waterproof
capacity, such as splash water.


The iPhone 7 Plus features a bare
waterproof design, loudspeakers and lightning directly exposed to the outside.
In fact, the inside of these openings has increased the waterproof washers,
such as SIM card holders have a black waterproof gasket. In addition, the
Lightning interface exposed metal contacts increases the hydrophobic coating.
Cell Phone Age com reminds you that the interface contact hydrophobic coating
may be worn, so do not often something to play in the water to play. After the
phone, remember to throw the water inside the interface, and then charge. Also,
the iPhone 7 Plus comes into the water and will not provide warranty service.


Eventually iPhone 7 Plus canceled the 3.5mm
headphone jack design. It is reported that Apple to cancel the headset hole is
because they think it is time to bid farewell to the complex wired connection
era, and it can also save iPhone 7 Plus design space. The bottom of the
fuselage is with symmetrical holes design, the right side of the speaker, and
the left side of the MIC. In addition, when we play music, the phone’s handset
can also sound, call the bottom of the speaker to form a stereo sound. However,
excluding 3.5mm headphone jack is not to make the body become thinner. In fact,
iPhone 7 Plus body thickness is consistent to iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.


Even if iPhone 7 plus has been released for
more than one year, the price is still very stable. If you are looking for iPhone 7 plus screen replacement, then you
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