Safe with bike, scooter or board to school

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Children like to roll back their way to school, please keep a safety vest for childrens safety – and at the latest 12 years they can do it alone. In order to be able to safely control bicycles, scooters or skateboards, it takes a lot of practice. “The child should be able to drive alone, steer, brake and dodge,” says ÖAMTC traffic psychologist Marion Seidenberg. Equally important is also the correct handling of the equipment and presuppose driving, observing the behavioral rules and observing the traffic happening. For this reason, Seidenberg recommends parents to first assess whether the child has the necessary maturity before he is allowed to ride to school on wheels. In addition, it should be clarified beforehand whether the infrastructure is also suitable for the school.

It is self-evident that children’s visibility should be taken into account: bright clothing reflective materials on the scooter and light on the bike are part of the basic equipment for the children to come safely to school and helmet are desirable. There is a helmet requirement for cycling only for children up to 12 years.

The bike can only be driven on the road and on cycle paths, cyclists need to wear a reflective vest for keeping visibility. With fun sports equipment such as skateboards or scooters, on the other hand, it is not allowed to ride on the road.