Some Facts about New Music Release Then and Now

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Music, by its simplest meaning, is a form of art that involves organized sounds of various pitches with the hope of entertaining your ears and mind. So, the only purpose of creating music is to touch the emotion of living beings and make them feel it. Sounds simple and easy, right? But you cannot imagine how much effort a composer puts while composing the music for its audience. The composer has to take a lot of factors such as the pitch (melody & harmony), rhythm (tempo & meter), and the sound quality that involves things like texture, dynamics, articulation and timbre into account while creating the music. Lots of hard work is put in order to come up with something great.

New Music and New Music Release

However, just like any other thing in the world, music also has its duplicate version. Not just now, but since its early days in the early 1700s original music has been copied by several composers. No music composer nowadays can claim that the track he or she has composed is a brand new creation and is original because there are millions and millions of such tracks already been created to date. So, every time a new track comes into scene, all we can say is there’s only new music released, not new music created. Stealing music is just a common thing today. Most of the today’s music composers (either real composers or virtual pop stars) simply take the chord structure of some selected tracks and cunningly change the tempo and lyrics of those tracks to form certain kind of new music releases, which they claim are their own original tracks, while the truth is that those are only stolen tracks or duplicate content.

Recent Documents in Defense of Duplication

Good news for new age music composers! There is a recent article published on the Times that is actually in the defense of the composers who copy chords and release duplicate forms of the same original track. The article says when an artist takes a song and makes some changes to it as per their own taste and knowledge, then they own that version of the song. This clearly brings a sense of relief to some music composers who face several lawsuits filed by other artists or composers against them.

A look-back to 1700s

If you go back to J.S. Bach’s days in the early to mid 1700s, you would get to know that J.S. Bach created original form of music that was too complex to understand and learn. Anybody who listens to the Bach’s music can easily find the originality in it. It was actually a masterpiece, which we now call as classical music. Everything after the era of J.S. Bach has only been a recycling of the original content.

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