Staying at Homestays or Casa Particular

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Homestays or Casa Particulars (Spanish for “private homes) are private accommodations that local people rent out to visitors. In 1997 the Cuban government permitted the citizens to rent out their properties since the government took ownership.  It’s like, and really is, a B&B (Bed abd Breakfast)

Staying at a Homestay or Casa Particular is a fantastic way to engage directly into Cuba’s lifestyle and culture.  You get to interact with local people one-to-one basis and actually experience their everyday life.  As well, you learn from the best people possible all about the best restaurants, the best music, and the best attractions.  Best of all, it costs fraction of what a hotel costs.

What to Expect

In most cases, you rent a room with a private en-suite (full bathroom) that exists in a house within a fully functioning family home.  Most often, you’ll share the kitchen, lounge, and terrace.   You’ll usually cater to your own needs and have freedom.  Your hosts will arrange activities for you and many will often prepare meals, most often breakfast.  Some are kid-friendly, while others are not.  Some tours exclusively use Homestays or Casa Particulares for their guests’ accommodations.  Again, it saves money.


Most of the reviews on the Internet regarding Homestay or Casa Particulareswere extremely positive.  Most were very clean, well kept, very pretty, and kept so that the visitor could enjoy a lovely view and nice breeze.Homeowners and hosts were typically described as sincere and friendly and the atmosphere as personable.  Reviewers posted photos of themselves relaxing on flower-filled gardens and chilling on hammocks.  Food was constant positive and most noted that, when their hosts provided meals, everything was always fresh and consistently tasty. 

Negatives included lack of personal service, but that’s the basic idea.  You don’t get that at a Casa Particular – you get that a hotel.  And, some don’t Wifi or private televisions, but again, that’s a hotel amenity.  And, besides, you’re there to see and tour the and experience the wonderful country of Cuba – not watch television or text people or check your Facebook.  The Homestay or Casa Particular is really just a nice, safe, clean affordable place to sleep until the next wonderful excursion.That’s where you want to spend your money.  And, that’s why they’re fantastic. 

QuéBolaa Travel Cuba

QuĂ©Bolaa Travel Cuba uses Homestays and Casa Particulares for accommodations on all its excursions, private roundtrips, andcubaroundtrips& tours.  It saves their customers’ money and lets it show them more exciting points of interest, more history, and give them a much better time.  If QuĂ©Bolaa Travel Cuba had to arrange accommodations in hotels, customers would be seeing and enjoying far less of Cuba.  Moreover, they wouldn’t get the chance to enjoy the best part of Cuba:  it’s people.

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