Temperature and Humidity Testing

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Associates is outfitted with multiple chambers to suit all types of
temperature and humidity testing needs, including: table-top,
standard-reaching, fixed or portable walk-in chambers, and if needed,
drive-in chambers. All Environment Associates test chambers are equipped
with separate data-acquisition equipment for temperature and humidity
monitoring. Our Temperature and Humidity Chambers can be readily
equipped with specialized data acquisition to digitally record chamber
conditions and the test article at multiple data points. Many of our
temperature and humidity chambers are equipped with high-performance,
maximum-size compressors to produce superior ramp rates equal to or
greater than 15°C per minute.

Temperature & Humidity Controls

Our temperature and humidity chamber controllers
include an infinite number of choices for ramps, loops, set-points, and
temperature and humidity controls for any test program. During testing
we can use the chamber controller outputs to turn on/off the test
article, functional modes, power and other remote conditioning carts to
operate in sync with the programmed temperature.

a manufacturer of environmental chambers, together with our existing,
diverse chambers in the lab, we can configure multiple chambers and
remote conditions into a wide range of services for those products that
have multiple components that are out of phase and range with each
other. For example, an automotive component can be both interior mounted
and engine compartment mounted; thus requiring the test to be conducted
at two different temperatures and humidity levels. Our specialists can
create and build what you need for your unique test program.

Humidity Testing

Environment Associates provides test chambers for constant humidity testing to MIL-STD, SAE or ASTM standards.

Temperature Tests

• Pre and Post Conditioning
• Thermal Shock
• Accelerated Weathering
• Accelerated Aging

Give Environment Associates a call to determine the appropriate temperature humidity profile for your product.

Walk-In Test Chambers

Associates is an unique high-performance manufacturer of standard and
portable walk-in chambers from 95 cu. ft. (2.69 cu. m) to 500 cu. ft.
(14.2 cu. m). With standard walk-in chambers that can be manufactured to
1,500 cu. ft. (42.5 cu. m). If you need to test a product such as a
solar panel, instrument panel, vehicle, tractor truck or a large sample
count of parts, we will develop a chamber solution for you.


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