Top 4 Most Common Designs for Bracelets for Women

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Among many types of jewelleries for women, necklace has always been considered as special. Necklaces are posh and expensive jewelleries. Makers have plenty of scopes to show their craftsmanship on such jewelleries. Nevertheless, for any party or casual occasion, wearing a necklace has become integral part of women fashion. So, it is surprising that they have become popular choices for modern women. These days, people want customization on name chain. That means many people want to add their names on the necklaces. It is a unique way of expressing style statement.

Buying a necklace is not an easy thing to do, unless you are well versed with different types of necklaces. In the following section, we shall basically discuss on those different kinds of necklaces. Well, there is no limit for necklace design, as modern jewellery makers are creative enough to craft unique products to lure buyers. However, a few designs are considered as ever popular among the buyers. Here are those top 4 name necklaces UK designs for you:

1. Choker

This design had become popular in the 90’s. Still now it is as popular as it was earlier. You would find a lot of celebrities often wear choker necklaces on the red carpet events. It looks quite contemporary, having hints of traditional charms or vintage charms in offering. For this reason the design has become so much popular among the jewellery buyers. Both silver and gold can be used as base metals for crafting such necklace. The necklace should ideally be paired with strapless evening dresses. In fact, you can wear them with your casual dresses, like jeans and t-shirts. This type of name chain is extremely popular and thus they are easily available on different online stores for jewelleries.

2. Bib Necklace

The name seems to be interesting for this type of necklace design. Is not it? These dazzling necklaces come with many layers. One layer over another layer of beads makes this necklace to appear quite eye catching. Base metals could be gold and silver. Price of necklace varies based on the choice of beads. If you want natural stone beads, you have to pay higher price. For lower price, you can choose name necklaces UK with artificial stone beads.

3. Multi Layer Chain Necklace

If you want a name chain necklace, multilayered chain necklace could possibly be the choice for you. This design is quite contemporary, and you shall often find many celebs to opt for such necklaces with strapless evening party dresses. If you have to attend a party or red carpet event, you can definitely pair such necklace with your gorgeous dresses to appear sizzling beautiful.

4. Pendant Necklace

This type of necklace has to be paired with a pendant. For any casual occasions, pendant necklaces are mostly preferred by contemporary women. The design is simple yet quite beautiful.

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