Ultimate Event Blogging Secrets Those Blogger Never Share

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Yeah! I finally decided to write an article on topic Event Blogging. What you heard is correct. Nowadays, this money making method is making millionaire to many bloggers overnight (looks like a scam!).

Not at all!!!

It’s not any kind of shit scam. But It’s also not that much easy as you can analyze secret ranking factors data of your blog’s competitors or eat your breakfast daily. To get success in event blogging you have to work a little bit hard but only for few weeks.

What! Less time work,,, That’s sound good!!!

What Is Exactly Event Blogging?

In simple words, Event Based Niche Blogs are the blogs created by Event bloggers on the upcoming events. And their main focus is to get high Targeted Traffic as much as possible before the event dates. Sometimes at the night before that event, especially when the celebration of that particular event starts from the night. Example: New year (people celebrate it from 31 Dec. night).

They set a target of local traffic, earnings, articles, etc. and start working on it just before 1-2 months. It’s not mandatory, Its depends on the capabilities of the blogger’s works.

Best part…

So, event blogging is not like a permanent blog, but you have to work only for few weeks in return you will get $$$$ of income. This income is equal to what you work for month or months on your personal branding blog (long term blog).

Event Blogging = 1-2 weeks = $$$$

Permanent blog = hardship (as compared to event blogging), though some bloggers fixed it as their primary income source.

Many of my blogging fellows have tried this quick money method (Event blogging) and I have seen with my own eyes of their Real-time traffic and CPC Conversions.

Bloggers mainly focus for event blogging on Keyword Research, Keywords stuffing, Link Building, indexing their blogs on various search engines, etc.

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