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Relationships are the most enjoyable thing about being an
adult. Finding that one person who gets you is a beautiful feeling. That being
said, relationships are stressful. Men and women are forever trying to
understand, change, please, and impress each other.

Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship takes work. Both
men and women go to unimaginable heights to please each other. Often, these
ideas are conceived form banter with colleagues, bad movies, and soap operas.
What we don’t know is, there are simple, weird things,
often done unknowingly that drive the opposite sex crazy. In this case, we will
explore the weird things women do that men find irresistible.

1.Dressing casually

Women take loads time and resources trying to look pristine.
Funny thing though, men love when you look messy, perhaps with out-of-bed hair
and spotting a T with Yoga pants or better still, his boxer shorts. As much as
your ma0.n likes to see you all dolled-up, a lazy afternoon rolling in the hay
is much preferred.


Even the most macho of men will admit that once in a while
they like relinquishing control to the woman. Men love it when women take them
by the tie and throw them in bed. Our source, a Anna Nagar escort, says that most
of her clients ask to be dominated. Some men like when a woman makes the first
move, or even ask them out. With so many responsibilities falling on the man
every day, it is nice to relax and take a back seat.


The world is obsessed with being slim and bare. Women bear
the brunt of this because they take on the pressure to be slim. The
misconception is that men only love slim women. According to our source, an
independent Chennai escort, the majority of men prefer curvy women. Being curvy
doesn’t translate to being unhealthy. As long as you are healthy and fit, a
little meat on the bones never killed anyone.

4.Messy Sex

Sex is not a precise act. Men love it when you let loose and
try new things. Do not be too concerned about how you look when doing it, be
concerned about how it feels. Incorporate messy foods like chocolate,
ice-cream, and cream. One of our sources, an escort in Chennai, says the
messier the sex the better. Men love when you turn the bedroom into a safe
place where you can both explore and get messy.

Being in a relationship should be a fun time full of life
and adventure. When you relax, be yourself, confident, and comfortable in your
skin, you are bound to have fun.

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