What kind of car mobile phone stand is better?

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In the driving journey, many people cannot
completely avoid the use of mobile phones, such as sometimes to answer the
phone, sometimes to use mobile phone as navigation, so it is best to prepare a
car phone stand, it allows you driving more secure, but also for your mobile
phone to find a safe home.


Many say that mobile phone navigation is
very easy to use, but while holding a mobile phone to drive car is a very
dangerous thing, in which case the mobile phone stand came into being. However,
now on the market a wide range of mobile phones appears that with uneven
qualities, for owners of mobile phone how to choose a suitable one? What is
better mobile phone bracket? In the end which car phone bracket is best?


sucker type phone bracket

Sucker-type mobile phone bracket is the use
of adhesive products to install the adsorption capacity, its limitations are
small, can be used in the console, can also be used in the windshield, no
matter where the use of very convenient, it is the largest Advantage is not
pick models, you can adjust the control range is very large. In the road,
although the stability of the first two types of car phone stand, but the owner
can use according to their own needs to adjust, use handier.


Advantages: installation is very simple,
wide range of adjustment, can be used repeatedly.

Disadvantages: larger, installed in the
front windshield on the words will block part of the driver’s line of sight, and
the connection arm is too long easy to shake, affecting driving safety.


phone stand

As the name suggests is installed on the
outlet of the mobile phone bracket, its shape is generally relatively small,
clever use of the outlet design, the rational use of the car from the space,
and let you watch the phone more convenient, the most important thing is , It
will not block your traffic line of sight, make your journey more secure.


Advantages: easy to install, can be used
repeatedly, small space, do not block the line of sight.

 Disadvantages: 1. Car
air-conditioning outlet shape of the more picky, round, trapezoidal,
non-intensive outlet cannot be used; 2. Cannot keep the stent stability, driven
out of the fan has been down, affecting the car Personnel on the air conditioning
out of the direction of regulation; 3. mobile phone can only plane rotation, a
single angle, cannot adjust the angle of view for the driver line of sight, if
the outlet position is poor, watch the phone navigation is not convenient.


fixed phone holder

Due to their soft texture reasons, lack of
fixed capacity, hand can be very easy to move the phone, the other card slot on
both sides of the width will block part of the screen, so this product is
called the mobile phone base seems more appropriate, only with Placement
function is not easy to use and watch.


Advantages: easy to install, mobile phone
placement and pick up very convenient, just gently inserted into it.

Disadvantages: cannot adjust the angle, not
easy to use and watch.


phone stand

Magnetic phone stand is made of the use of
the magnet’s ability to produce. With a suction cup fixed in the car, the use
of spherical magnet base, disk and magnetization of the mutual adsorption, the
phone fixed magnetic support. They are generally beautiful and beautiful
appearance, are basically metal materials, such as zinc alloy or stainless
steel, etc., not only strong texture, and longer life, not frequent The
replacement of the car can also play a decorative role!


Advantages: magnetic support body compact
can be attached to any place in the car, adjust the angle is also very casual,
widely applicable to a variety of sizes of mobile phones, and mobile phone
support is very stable.

Disadvantages: magnetic film attached to
the phone affects the phone beautiful, and extremely difficult to separate from
the phone.


In response to this shortcoming, we have a
non-destructive installation method that can be used. We can place the iron in
the gap between phone shell and the machine back, because the thickness of the
iron plate is very thin, so install the protective shell, there will be no


power charge mobile phone stand

This mobile phone bracket supports iPhone,
Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and other smart phones. It’s applicable to
almost all models, easy to operate. 360 degrees free to rotate the advanced
snake dry free conversion angle. Width adjustable range: 58mm to 85mm. Smart
phones and audio and video equipment in between 3.5-5.3 inch for support. USB
5V, 2.1A charge, fast, high efficiency charging. High quality PC + ABS
material. High stability, anti-skid feet, protects the beloved phone.
Over-current protection over-protection business travel emergency must. FM
radio hands-free Bluetooth listening music frequency 88.1-107.9MHz. FM
transmitter + smartphone HOLD + USB charge through the AUX line to the smart
phone’s audio source connected to the FM transmitter, through the FM radio to
receive the launch signal, the car sound out of the smart phone sound. Through
the USB charging interface via the USB cable can give mobile phones, MP3
players, GPS and other support USB interface charging products.



Magnetic suction mobile phone bracket is
best of all with its various installations and fixing ways. On placing and
convenience for taking adjustable
phone holder
is better more than the first two products, as long as the
magnet is working, fixed is not a problem.

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