What Will Vertical Dual Camera of iPhone 8 Brings

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According to “Forbes” website
reported on August 21, there is less than a month when Apple’s annual autumn
conference will be held, a new generation of flagship iPhone 8 will debut at
the press conference. IPhone 8 is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s Apple
conference, and on this new model we have seen many rumors on concepts, rendering
pictures and the real phone models and so on. Appearance of iPhone 8 has been
basically determined, one of the big changes is the back of phone will be
equipped with a vertical dual camera.


For the iPhone 8 camera, Apple is still
expected to use 12 million pixel wide-angle lens and telephoto lens module, but
there will be better features to enhance, such as more distant and higher
quality zoom. At the same time, with the use of iPhone 8 back dual cameras and
sensors, this phone will give users a cool AR experience. We don’t doubt that
the new camera will bring an exciting experience, but its raised design is
really intolerable, and vertical design may cause trouble for the user.


can’t be placed flat

In short, placing the iPhone 8 on the flat
desktop will make people painful. Why? Because of this year’s iPhone flagship
new AR function, the internal of phone needs to be equipped with more sensors,
resulting in the camera protruding body more height than the previous models.
This means that when put the iPhone 8 on the desktop it’s easier to shake than
the iPhone 7 Plus.


As the front top camera and sensor cover
some part of the screen, in order to make the top look more coordinated, Apple
may in iOS 11 will turn both sides of the “ear” screen tune all
black, so that it is integrated with the camera sensor cover, Similar to Apple
Watch’s approach. IOS 11 and OLED screen perfectly create “Sensor
Bar” that more pleasing to users.


According to the previous phone model that exposure
by media, we found that the iPhone 8 will make tilt angle greater when put it on
the plane. But this angle is not totally bad without good, and one of the
benefits is that users can more easily pick iPhone 8 up from plane compared to
the previous generation iPhones. Thinking about it, if you compare it to that
Apple wants to design the Touch ID in the back of phone, and then raised camera
of iPhone 8 will be not so insufferable to Apple lovers.


to worn and scratched

Another problem is also due to the vertical
camera design. Preferred, the enlarged camera will lift the entire back of the
iPhone 8 from the flat surface, so that when user puts down the iPhone 8 the
mobile phone will touch the plane by the part of camera and Lightning interface
that side of the fuselage, which are caused too easy to worn and scratched.
Rumors this year the new iPhone will use the glass back cover design to
integrate the wireless charging function. If it is true, then as the frequency
of grasping phone in user’s daily use of mobile phones is higher and higher,
the fuselage and the camera will inevitably get close to worn and scratched.


Second, do not put the iPhone 8 on a smooth
plane. The two minimum touch points (contact area is only a few mm²) also mean
that the phone is easier to slide from desktop. Google Nexus 4 has ever happen
the problem of dropping from desktop when in state of vibration, so users need
to be very careful when putting iPhone 8 on high place.


case for iPhone 8 is essential

This morning, two “iPhone 7s / iPhone 8
before and after the glass cover spy photos” from the Reddit user Kamikasky
detonated the apple community. More detailed reports please visit this site
related reports. IPhone 8 parts finally leaked! Benjamin Geskin based on the
latest leaks produced made a few pieces of synthetic pictures, so that you can has
a more intuitive impression on the outlook of upcoming iPhone 8.


We know that the solution to these problems
is to for iPhone 8 prepare a protective shell, I believe some of the iPhone 7/7
Plus users have done so. Protective
case for iPhone X
can solve the problem of mobile phone rear camera gets
raised, so that iPhone 8 can be placed stable on desktop, meanwhile it can protect
the fuselage and display screen from cracked when users accidentally drop the
phone from high. Of Couse the obvious weakness of this program is it will increase
overall thickness of the phone body, which is may not easy for users to
experience the iPhone’s thin and light experience.


best solution

The above is we found the problem based on
the iPhone 8 prototype, that is, if Apple can eventually pursue to the ultimate
design to solve the problem of the camera raised, it will be the most
successful outcome. Perhaps Apple can consider on a little sacrifice on
fuselage thickness, increase the iPhone battery volume to ensure iPhone life
while the camera and the back of the fuselage flat. All answers will be
announced at Apple’s September conference.


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