Whether your phone case cause some tough questions?

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  The creation of phone case is convenient to
our daily life. It is acknowledged that you can avoid the unexpected damage.
The chic design stands for your lifestyle and personality. The practical
function can carry all of your accessories and tackle some problems. On the
other hand, whether are you considering that the phone case is eroding your
health or the phone life or not? Does it have any risks? Lots of surveys said
the phone cover blocked your signal and did some harm to your brain. Is it
true? Does it have any bad effects?


  Exposing your smartphone to an outside heat
source is the most common cause of overheating. Leaving your phone sitting
directly in the sun, inside a hot car or under a lamp that produces a lot of
heat can cause the phone to feel hot to the touch. Make sure you store your
cell phone in a place where it will not be exposed to lots of heat. If it does
get hot, you can hold it up in front of a cooling source like an air
conditioner. (You should not, however, put your phone in the refrigerator or
freezer. This can cause more damage.)


Using your phone intensely
– for example, watching movies or videos for a long period of time – draws a
lot of power from the battery. That can make the phone get overly warm,
especially if you’re holding it in your hot hand. Use a case with a kickstand
or another type of holder to prop the phone up and allow air to flow around it.
If that doesn’t help, stop using your phone for a while and see if it cools
down. Storing your phone in your pocket and up against the warmth of your body
can also cause it to overheat. You might find it makes more sense to carry your
phone in a holder, belt clip, smartphone wallet or similar device.


There are many reasons cell
phones overheat, and few of them have to do with your case. The main cause of
overheating is leaving a cell phone exposed to a heat source, such as the sun
or a heater. A faulty battery or charging cable can be the source of the
problem. Running lots of videos, games or apps on your phone for a long period
of time can make your phone really hot. And sometimes, if your phone is already
prone to overheating, a cell phone case can trap that heat and make the phone
get even hotter.


The vast majority of phone
cases are made of or lined with plastic. There are many good reasons to make
mobile phone cases from plastic. It does a great job of cushioning your phone
if it gets dropped or slammed against a hard surface. It is affordable and
attractive. It comes in a variety of colors, unlike wood or metal, and it is easy
to apply interesting designs to the surface. The problem with plastic cases is
that they are not breathable. If your smart device does get too hot, the
plastic can trap the heat rather than allowing it to escape. Again, it’s okay
to remove your smartphone or cell phone from its case if it gets hot from time
to time. However, removing the cell phone case too often can damage the case.
If your phone continues to heat up, removing the case is the only solution. You
might want to look for a different case or leave the case off altogether.


In addition, this accessory
may block your signal. Some of the users complain that their metallic case
always causes this problem. Why does this accessory interfere with the phone’s
reception? You may have a lot of questions. Some users say it is a good thing.
Because it can block phone radiation from entering your body. Worse, it may
increase the risk of cancer and other health problems.


This is most common with
cell phone made from cheap, unbreathable plastic or other materials. If your
cell phone overheats, your first instinct may be to put it in the freezer or
refrigerator. Don’t do it! Extreme temperatures are very hard on your phone.
Instead, power down the phone immediately and leave it off for a while. When
you turn it back on, start going through the checklist of different causes for
the problem. You can find lots of resources online to walk you through
diagnosing the cause of overheating. If the problem continues, and you’ve
explored all the other causes of overheating, you might think about purchasing
a different cell phone case.


Meanwhile, a hands-free
design, such as wallet phone cover or kickstand one. In the current market, the
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private demands. All of the above issues you may encounter in your daily life.
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