Why iPhone 6 sales is far more than 6 plus?

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the rumor that Apple for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will re-launched 4-inch small
screen phone is triggered the industry’s attention. Some people pointed out
that this is the Apple outbreak of quietly change before crisis happens. But on
the point of view from Cell Phone Age com it’s believed that in this back to
Apple’s large-screen mobile phone to meet the needs of users in Europe and the
United States to consider, there are Apple’s future strategic layout of the
thinking, Or even have a question also need to think, on iPhone 6 plus whether
it is a successful product?


long ago, media data show that in the United States, iPhone 6 sales of about
three times the Plus. This data and the domestic iPhone 6 plus sold far more
than expected and even popular with Apple fans, especially domestic users favor
the situation is very different. Of course, the industry generally believes
that, iPhone 6 plus production problems, lack of supply. But in the view of Cell
Phone Age, supply is not the only factor. Because for an Apple big screen
mobile phone loyal users, not because of temporary supply problems and
compromise to buy a small screen.


know, iPhone 6 plus is very popular among Asian users, but not applicable to
Europe and the United States. Data show that in Europe and the United States,
5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus sales even less than the iPhone 5c. We know that on
October 13, 2014, iPhone 6/6 Plus China’s total bookings have been over 20
million, a variety of data show plus more favored by Asian users. However,
according to Tencent Technology reported data: “iPhone 6/6 Plus in North
America after the official listing, the network traffic statistics company
Chitika traffic ratio of these two phones were tracked from the sale to the end
of the statistics 55 hours, iPhone 6 traffic accounted for 7.5 times the iPhone
6 Plus. “So in Europe and the United States, iPhone 6 Plus always
appears” niche “. So, if all this is simply attributed to the production
capacity is clearly not a convincing reason.


and the United States users for the smart machine grip, one-handed operation,
aesthetics, convenience more attention, the other is the city of Europe and the
United States users, traffic environment and cultural factors have had some
impact, such as Europe and the United States users generally drive to work,
Time the use of mobile phone scenes more biased in favor of small screen mobile
phone. So iPhone 6 relative to the iPhone 6 plus is more suitable for users in Europe
and the United States operating habits. In addition, it is in the enterprise
user groups, business users prefer iPhone 6. According to Good Technology
survey data for more than 6,000 corporate users worldwide, 85% of users plan to
buy 4.7-inch version of iPhone 6, while only 15% of business users want to use
5.5-inch screen iPhone 6 Plus. The reason is that business users do not want to
develop too many applications for large-screen smartphone iOS, while the iPhone
6 is more cost-effective than the plus. All this shows that the iPhone 6 plus
did not hit the pain of users in Europe and America.


July 2010, Steve Jobs in the iPhone 4 “antenna door” incident has
pointed out that 3.5 inches is the most suitable for human screen, and more
than 3.5 inches will not have the market. At present, many people cited the
words of Jobs that year to point out that Apple’s compromise to the big screen
is a sign of innovation to the market to compromise, but also by the industry
that is the founder of Steve Jobs’ face. But in fact, from the European and
American iPhone 6 sales volume is 3 times, the network traffic iPhone 6 is 7.5
times plus can see that Steve Jobs based on the understanding of European and
American market users to understand this point of view is not entirely wrong.
At present, Europe and the United States market sales of two mobile phone at
least some extent, iPhone 6 plus in Europe and the United States, and not a
successful iPhone products.


of how the Apple iPhone mobile phone strategy in the global market, based on
the layout of users in Europe and America is always Apple’s flagship market. We
see that the supply chain management origin of Cook, based on the iPhone 6
sales promotion means and operational strategy has been different, Cook under
the leadership of Apple, pay more attention to fine supply chain management and
iPhone sales in various regions of the world growth and Capital market for
Apple’s profitability recognition, rather than drilling in the dead end of
innovation. Apple must have a gesture to declare, although the iPhone 6 plus in
the Asian market has achieved great success, but also need to please Europe and
the United States, 4-inch screen launch, but also reflects the Apple’s
mainstream Western Europe and the United States market understanding of the
bias to their own pressure. Back to 4 inches is more conducive to Apple in
Europe and the United States market in a time window to recover more mainstream


fact, Apple’s big-screen mobile phone is aimed at weakening the advantages of
Samsung in the high-end market, while eroding the market share of high-end
large-screen smartphones at Android market. From the point of view on Asian
market sales, iPhone 6 plus seems has completed its historical mission.


iPhone 8 series and iPhone X have been released in this autumn, now it’s the
best time to buy iPhone 6 plus as the price has dropped a lot. From Cell Phone
Age com the
unlocked iPhone 6 Plus 64GB only needs less than 400

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