Why Pilgrim Tours Must be Sought from Holy Land Travel Agency

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all around the world feel happy and blessed when they get an
opportunity to go on pilgrimage. They feel a divine connection with
the god on visiting such places. Such places are often surrounded by
beautiful sites and destinations which are mostly missed out on
hurried and unplanned tours. Pilgrimages
to the holy land
can be booked through various
travel agencies. These travel agencies sort out the best
accommodation and travel arrangements for you to completely enjoy the

Israel is known as the
holy land for Christians across the world. The country has a lot of
sites for pilgrims to visit and offer their prayers. Jerusalem,
Jericho and Pool of Bethesda are some of the holy places which are
often visited by people from around the world.

Travel to holy
although is not just limited to famous
churches or holy shrines, while travelling to the holy land, one must
also visit the beauty around. There are many such places in Israel
and near Israel which must be travelled. While visiting the holy
shrines, one can take a stop in cities nearby; explore the culture
and history of the beautiful country.

travel agencies can make your travel arrangements in such a way that
leisure as well as pilgrimage tours can be enjoyed by the travelers.
There are many travel agencies offering tour packages to the holy
land and one such company is Regina Tours Israel.

Tours Israel offers the widest range of packages for travelers to
explore Israel and its holy pilgrimages. The tours ensure that the
pilgrims enjoy beauty, archaeology and history of Israel along with
the holy shrines for Christians. Regina Tours Israel also offers
tailor-made tours for their clients along with airport transfers. The
company aims to provide its clients with maximum satisfaction with
its tours to the holy shrines and cities in Israel.

Regina Tours

Regina Tours
Israel is a holy
land travel agency
offering customized tour
packages for pilgrims. The company is founded by Benji Shavit,
boasting of over 40 years of experience in the travel

For more information about
Regina Tours Israel, log on to: Reginatours.com.

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