Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Could your business or organization function without its system and critical data?  

you answered “yes,” then you’re an amazing exception and don’t need to
read any further.  If, however, you could not operate your business or
organization without its system and critical data, you definitely need a
Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). A DRP is a step-by-step process and/or
procedure by which you protect and recover your system in the event of a

No matter how reliable your system, it’s always at
risk for a disaster (i.e. crash). Crashes are very serious. About eighty
percent of businesses that that go endure more than five days of system
interruption will fail. A DRP, then, is like an insurance policy for
your system and data. While there are plenty, here some of the major
reasons why you should have a DRP:

o    People. People make
mistakes. Even the most seasoned, experienced, educated individuals
accidentally delete files, enter incorrect information, and cause

o    Systems Can Never Be Infallible. Nothing can,
really. A system can attempt to purge every risk and possible failure,
but something somehow fails and there’s always a new threat ready to
come along.

o    Weather. Even when forecasters accurately
predict how a certain weather event is going to hit your region, you
never know how it’s going affect your system. Organizations without a
DRP might not be able to resume operations at all after a major weather
event, and such could simply be a heavy snowstorm or severe electrical
storm. These events can knock out your system for days.

 Clients.  Technology has created tremendous advantages for business. On
the other hand, it’s made people expect instant results and 24/7
accessibility. A disaster limits clients’ access and instantly
frustrates them. A DRP makes sure your clients have either no or less

UCG Technologies

UCG Technologies (UCG) are
IBM i Experts working exclusively with IBM Power Systems in conjunction
with IBM i High Availability Solutions (IBM I Disaster Recovery) and
AS400 Disaster Recovery. UCG’s plans support all major platforms
including the IBM i Series, System AS/400, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and I.

i Distribution Software produces credible multi delegating and
programming coordination that won’t impact your system’s overall speed
and execution. It offers the best outcomes and is compatible with
multiple working frameworks,

UCG disaster recovery centers
provide a secure, highly reliable environment for your system and data.
It actually serves as an extension of your organization and ensures that
your operations continue to function efficiently. UCG also offers a
Cloud Backup solution that both standardizesyour electronic data
interchange and satisfies your confidentiality and security standards.

You can depend on UCG 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  See its website today.

About Author:-

Truax has spent over 10 years consulting with a wide variety of IT
firms from the very big to the very small. He provides you with his
insights into the leadership needed to combine the separate worlds of
business and IT strategy. He has been is associated with UCG
Technologies; a highly specialized Strategic Service Provider (SSP) of
customized Information Technology products and services. These include
IBM i hosting, AS400 hosting, DR, & H/A; Enterprise Security
Training; AS400 Disaster Recovery ; and Enterprise Management Software. Visit ucgtechnologies.com to Download Enterprise Management Software Demo and Free Phishing Security Test.