Will Chennai Dating Services be endorsed?

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Chennai dating service is not
legal at this time but people across the country are murmur about the validation
of this profession. There are two main streams of people: one who supports the
legalization of the Chennai dating services and the other who opposes this act.
They both are adamant on their stance having their particular logic behind
their arguments. The burning topic gets higher attention of people because it
is directly and not directly connected with their daily lives.

Arguments of the people who
supports justification of relationship services:

Indeed, currently the fun workers
are subjugated by the agents and pimps as they only give them only a small
amount of total earning. This way these fun workers forced to live in bad
condition and prone to malnutrition.

Validation will enable them to
conduct their medical test more freely, which provides the safeguard to both
(clients and workers).

 People state that once this occupation gets
legal, we will be enabled to calculate the exact numbers of entertainers, which
is totally unknown or only hypothesize currently.

 There are some other benefits associated with
this process, which would be visualize or practiced once this legal action will
be enacted.

Point of view of the citizens who
are anti this act:

Legalizing Chennai female
Companions will be a blot on our society and culture. It will ruin our culture
where dating trade is free and anyone can pamper in the dating service.

It will encourage more women and
men to join this profession to earn money. It will directly affect our society

Married lives of the people will
be destroyed.

Body of the girls would be
treated as the commodity in the market like other products of use that we
usually purchase from the market.  

Overall, both point of view are
strong hence panel who has been constitute to decide authorization the girls profession
taking time. The panel members need to reach a consensus and determine a middle
path where they can secure the rights of the entertainers and keep the
tradition, culture and societal aspect secured. Leave this topic to the
academics and eminent people who will finally determine the best course of
action for future. However, people who are willing to opt for this profession
or avail service should understand that this is an illegal act.

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