Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

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Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are great choices for any home. They can be fully raised to allow in full natural light, completely closed to maintain privacy, or their slats can be opened to both have privacy and enjoy natural light. They’re easy to clean, too. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.  Wood blinds and faux wood blinds offer elegance, warmth and timeless appeal and compliment any design style, be it modern, shabby chic, traditional, boho, or whatever. They also come in anassortment of textures and colors.  

Wood Blinds

Wood blindslook terrific in any room. They’re not, however, recommended for kitchens or bathsas the moisture commonly generated in those rooms would damage them.  Advantages of wood blinds additionally include:

•    Genuineness. Many insist that the elegance and sophistication of wood blinds comes from genuine grain and texture and that faux wood blinds simply cannot duplicate that authenticity. 
•    Lightweight. Wood blinds are lighter than faux wood blinds, which oftentimes look better on larger windows. 
•    Simplicity. Wood blinds are easier to rise than faux wood blinds.
•    Longevity. Some claim wood blinds last longer than faux wood blinds. 

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds also look great in any room. They resist moisture, so they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Faux wood blinds cost much less than real wood blinds, which can sometimes be expensive. Their additional advantages include:

•    Resilience. Faux wood blinds hold up to damage better than wood blinds and are more sensible in homes with children and pets. 
•    Cleanliness. Some faux wood blind models have anti-static abilities and resist dust.
•    Beauty. Some claim that you cannot distinguish faux wood blinds them from real wood blinds.
•    Longevity. Some say faux wood blinds last longer than real wood blinds.

Mounting Notes

Before measuring, decide first whether you prefer your blinds mounted inside or outside the window frame. Blinds mountedinside the frame provide a cleaner appearance and let others appreciate decorative moldings around your windows.

An outside mount can make your window look larger or conceal unattractive windows.

When measuring, use only a metal tape measure. Don’t use a cloth tape.

Always check with the company from whom you’re purchasing your blinds (or any window covering) what they need with regard to measuring. It usually has a system and/or formula it follows.


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Faux Wood Blinds

BuyHomeBlinds.com offers the most contemporary faux wood blind textures and trends. Styles change rapidly and it consistently remains up-to-date. You can easily express your personnel style and astound guests with faux wood blinds.

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Each faux wood blind offers a selection of stains and shades. Textured Faux Wood Blinds, Smooth Faux Wood Blinds, and Smooth White Faux Wood Blinds also offer Standard Twill Cloth Tape Colors and Deluxe Decorative Cloth Tape Colors. 

Wood Blinds

BuyHomeBlinds.com’s wood blinds are made from 100% genuine American Basswood, which is generallyconsidered the foremost wood for blinds. It’s stable, lightweight, warp resistant, and simply stunning. Your choices include:

•    Wood Blinds 2″ Value
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Each wood blind offers a selection of stains and shades. Wood Blinds 2″ Premium, Wood Blinds 2-1/2″ Premium Shutter Blinds, and
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